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2009-12-01 Balogh Zoltanby novaktoma: Hungarian translation
2009-05-07 Jeff Burnzfix IE7 superfish z-index issue 6.x-3.2
2009-05-04 Jeff Burnzremove eclipse project files, lord knows how they got...
2009-05-04 Jeff Burnzupdates for 31, new color schemes, minor page tpl edit...
2009-05-04 Jeff Burnzbig commit for 3.1
2008-12-09 Jeff Burnzadded comments regarding narrow widths
2008-12-07 Jeff Burnzfix spelling error with Ocean Water shceme
2008-12-07 Jeff Burnzupdated with doc ready fucntion
2008-12-07 Jeff Burnznew search label theme setting, preprocess search form...
2008-12-07 Jeff Burnzadded new theme setting for search label
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2008-12-07 Jeff Burnzcore css updated to support new search label overlable...
2008-12-06 Jeff Burnzmodified to support narrow sidebars, set block tl and...
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