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2013-09-05 MJCOSmall CSS fix. 7.x-1.x
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2013-02-27 MJCOFixing more minor code issues caused by fixes for 7...
2013-02-27 MJCOFixing automated code review errors introduced in 7...
2013-02-26 MJCOAdded theme-settings for Copyright links, text and...
2013-02-24 MJCOFixing template.php automated code review error.
2013-02-23 MJCORemoving unneccesary code.
2013-02-23 MJCOFixing inline control structures error.
2013-02-23 MJCORemembered to add file this time.
2013-02-23 MJCOhtml.tpl.php added.
2013-02-23 MJCOTheme-settings fixes again.
2013-02-23 MJCOTheme-Setings fixes.
2013-02-23 MJCOComments fixes for template/theme-settings files.
2013-02-23 MJCOTheme-settings.php fixes from automated code review.
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