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2009-10-16 Balogh Zoltanby Zoltan Balogh: Updated Hungarian translation
2009-05-17 Joao VenturaUpdated German translation by Frank Tartler
2009-05-13 Joao VenturaUpdate translations and .pot to current code
2009-04-21 Joao VenturaUpdated German translation by rastatt
2009-03-24 Joao VenturaFix #408238 by chris.cohen: improve PHP in the default...
2009-03-05 Joao VenturaFix #384294 by ron_s: use padding instead of margin...
2009-02-20 Joao VenturaFix #371455: Convert all links in the PDF to absolute
2009-02-19 Joao VenturaBetter fix for #371388: handle tbody tags with attributes
2009-02-10 Joao VenturaUpdate changelog 5.x-4.3
2009-02-05 Joao VenturaFix for #364535: add some warnings about incompatibilit...
2009-01-21 Joao VenturaUpdated french translation by remi 5.x-4.1
2008-12-13 Joao VenturaUpdated Spanish translation by gusgsm1
2008-12-09 Joao VenturaUpdate changelog
2008-10-16 Joao VenturaUpdate translations 5.x-4.0
2008-09-11 Joao VenturaUpdate translations with current .pot
2008-07-21 Joao VenturaRemove DOS CR+LF
2008-07-16 Andy TruongVietnamese translation.
2008-07-16 Joao VenturaUpdated all translations 5.x-3.6
2008-07-11 Erik Stielstra#195148 by promes: Dutch tranlation of 5.x-3.0
2008-05-13 Joao VenturaAdded Danish translation. Thanks topsys! 5.x-3.5
2008-05-12 Joao VenturaSlightly better template vars handling
2008-05-11 Joao VenturaImprove translability of template strings
2008-04-21 Joao VenturaAdded Indonesian translation. Thanks SepedaTua!
2008-04-17 Joao VenturaFix #242914: Remove duplicate PF link in top outlined...
2008-04-02 Joao VenturaAdded Turkish translation. Thanks turkyilmaz1963
2008-03-24 Joao VenturaUpdated Romanian translation. Thanks Andrei
2008-03-21 Joao VenturaUpdated translation files to match current code
2008-01-25 Joao VenturaUpdate pot to latest code
2008-01-22 Joao VenturaAdded Portuguese (Brazil) translation (thanks psychopat...
2007-11-19 Joao VenturaComplete Spanish translation. Thanks gustz!
2007-11-19 Joao VenturaComplete French translation. Thanks rondev!
2007-11-17 Joao VenturaComplete versions of the Hungarian and German translati...
2007-11-15 Joao VenturaFinal translation to russian. Thanks VladSavitsky!
2007-11-15 Joao VenturaRemove TODOs in the .po files
2007-11-15 Joao VenturaUpdated Norwegian translation to final. Thanks stenjo!
2007-11-15 Joao VenturaAdded (partial) Ukrainian translation. Thanks artem_sok...
2007-11-15 Joao VenturaAdded (partial) Romanian translation. Thanks baudolino!
2007-11-13 Joao VenturaUpdate all .po files to the latest print.pot from the...
2007-11-07 Joao VenturaRussian translation by VladSavitsky. Thanks!
2007-10-29 Joao VenturaMinor changes
2007-10-29 Joao VenturaMinor changes
2007-10-28 Joao VenturaFixed small code details raised by the coder module.
2007-10-27 Joao VenturaAdded Portuguese (Portugal) translation. Thanks jcnvent...
2007-10-27 Joao VenturaRemove link area in system pages
2007-10-23 Joao VenturaFix #184776 by deviantintegral: <a> tag rewrite affecte...
2007-10-23 Joao VenturaChanged print.pot to use string locations in print...
2007-10-06 Joao VenturaHungarian translation by hinger.. Thanks!
2007-09-30 Joao VenturaFrench translation by rondev
2007-08-27 Joao VenturaFix bug of printer-friendly link being displayed for...
2006-10-23 rondevFrench translation of print.module Drupal 4.7
2006-07-15 Vtek PliskaCzech translation of print.module
2005-12-21 David Normancontrib by Markus Petrux for Drupal 4.6
2005-08-24 Uwe HermannAdded missing word.
2005-06-21 Uwe HermannAdded German translation.
2005-06-01 Henrique Recidive- Brazilian Portuguese Translation of print.module
2005-06-01 Henrique Recidive- Added print.tpl.php strings
2005-04-25 Uwe HermannUpdated print.pot file.
2004-11-15 Hendrik Eeckhautcreated pot-file with extractor.php and added dutch...