Fix #481350: Don't show book link in links area when only that option is disabled
[project/print.git] / README.txt
2009-02-19 Joao VenturaBetter fix for #371388: handle tbody tags with attributes
2008-12-02 Joao VenturaFix #333049 and #333957: Add ability to change user...
2008-10-15 Joao VenturaBackport send by e-mail from the 6.x branch
2008-10-02 Joao VenturaAdd PDF support in the Drupal 5 version of the module
2008-09-10 Joao VenturaUpdate documentation
2008-09-10 Joao VenturaUse module's CSS files
2008-07-15 Joao VenturaRemoved visibility API, now using an in-module solution...
2008-06-06 Joao VenturaSimplify CSS inclusion code a bit.
2008-06-04 Joao VenturaFix #265864: fix the visibility API integration and...
2008-05-10 Joao VenturaImprove the documentation
2008-05-06 Joao VenturaChanges to comply with
2008-01-08 Joao VenturaUpdate changelog 5.x-3.1
2007-11-13 Joao VenturaAdd setting to control the book PF link via this module
2007-11-06 Joao VenturaUpdate documentation (README, CREDITS and CHANGELOG)
2007-10-25 Joao VenturaFix some issues with the book detection routine and...
2007-08-24 Joao VenturaSync with HEAD
2005-12-21 David Normanupdate version requirements
2005-12-20 peter john hartmanUpdated for 4.
2004-10-30 Matt Westgate* Created a print.tpl.php template file to give site...
2004-10-28 Matt Westgate* Generate printer friendly pages for all node types...