Fix #419296 by noelbush: ** Use wkhtmltopdf for PDF generation **
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2009-03-27 Joao VenturaExpand the advanced link options by default (too many...
2009-02-05 Joao VenturaFix for #364535: add some warnings about incompatibilit...
2009-02-02 Joao VenturaFix #365041: node-specific settings not initialized...
2009-01-21 Joao VenturaCoder fixes
2009-01-14 Joao VenturaUpdate changelog
2008-12-17 Joao VenturaAdd PHP visibility option
2008-12-08 Joao VenturaAdd ability to configure link text strings
2008-12-02 Joao VenturaFix #333049 and #333957: Add ability to change user...
2008-11-07 Joao VenturaUse link format and icon options also in book links.
2008-09-25 Joao VenturaAdd option to use URL alias in the link
2008-09-10 Joao VenturaUse module's CSS files
2008-08-14 Joao VenturaImproved URL rewriting function
2008-08-05 Joao VenturaSync 6.x to 5.x
2008-07-30 Joao VenturaFix #280949: Add macros to the CSS input
2008-07-16 Joao VenturaUpdated all translations 5.x-3.6
2008-07-15 Joao VenturaRemoved visibility API, now using an in-module solution...
2008-06-06 Joao VenturaSimplify CSS inclusion code a bit.
2008-05-10 Joao VenturaImprove the documentation
2008-05-07 Joao VenturaAdd selection between text, icon or both.