2008-08-05 Joao VenturaFix bug where legal characters were being trimmed from... 6.x-1.0-rc7
2008-08-04 Joao VenturaSync HEAD to 6.x 6.x-1.0-rc6
2008-08-01 Janos FeherUpdate
2008-07-30 Joao VenturaSync HEAD with 6.x
2008-07-29 Joao VenturaSync HEAD with 6.x
2008-07-21 Joao VenturaRemove DOS CR+LF
2008-07-17 Joao VenturaFix #283799: Allow icons in book links
2008-07-16 Joao VenturaFix #283423: correct the CSS path inclusion when sendin... 6.x-1.0-rc5
2008-07-16 Joao VenturaAdd RTL CSS 6.x-1.0-rc4
2008-07-16 Joao VenturaSync HEAD to 6.x-dev
2008-06-06 Joao VenturaSync HEAD to 6.x-dev
2008-05-23 Joao VenturaSync from HEAD
2008-05-13 Joao VenturaSync 6.x with HEAD 6.x-1.0-rc3
2008-04-03 Joao VenturaAdd thickbox module support. 6.x-1.0-rc2
2008-04-02 Joao VenturaAdded Turkish translation. Thanks turkyilmaz1963
2008-03-31 Joao VenturaSync with HEAD
2008-03-11 Joao VenturaSome more misc changes by zuriel
2008-03-07 Joao VenturaSome misc changes suggested by zuriel
2008-03-05 Joao VenturaFix #230318 by shaisachs: include page query in PF...
2008-03-04 Joao VenturaImprove the theme_print_format_link functions
2008-03-04 Joao VenturaUpdate changelog for release 6.x-1.0-rc1 6.x-1.0-rc1
2008-03-04 Joao VenturaBetter fix for #227127: use number of patterns instead...
2008-03-04 Joao VenturaSeparation of the configuration variables for the HTML...
2008-02-28 Joao VenturaAdding icons. Thanks to the Plone Foundation
2008-02-27 Joao VenturaFix #227625: add print['url'] var with absolute source url
2008-02-27 Joao VenturaAdd PDF module settings
2008-02-26 Joao VenturaHandle uppercase 'a' tags
2008-02-26 Joao VenturaProperly document the PDF tools installation steps
2008-02-26 Joao VenturaCorrect the support for the PDF per-node-type settings
2008-02-22 Joao VenturaAuto-discovery of the PDF generation tools
2008-02-21 Joao VenturaMake CSS path a full URL so that dompdf can find it
2008-02-21 Joao VenturaAdd PDF support
2008-02-16 Joao VenturaFix #222234: Use Drupal 6 language var
2008-02-15 Joao VenturaCorrect print vars when using the printable engine
2008-02-14 Joao VenturaBetter support for Drupal 6.x (performance enhancements...
2008-02-12 Joao VenturaAdded breadcrumb to PF page
2008-02-09 Joao VenturaBetter support for Drupal sites that do not reside...
2008-02-08 Joao VenturaCleanup code (ran latest coder module)
2008-02-08 Joao VenturaReplace module CSS import with an @import statement
2008-02-05 Joao VenturaFix 217928: add default value to variable_get('anonymous')
2008-02-04 Joao VenturaFix #217439: Add defined javascript to the PF page
2008-02-04 Joao VenturaFix #198688: remove added %20
2008-02-04 Joao VenturaRemove whitespace immediately before and after the...
2008-02-04 Joao VenturaFix #216728 by jpereza: Don't show duplicate URLs in...
2008-02-04 Joao VenturaFix #216716: do not process hreflang attributes
2008-01-25 Joao VenturaAdd rel=nofollow tag to PF link (#213951)
2008-01-25 Joao VenturaSmall fixes to 6.x
2008-01-24 Joao VenturaSync 5.x to 6.x
2007-12-03 Joao VenturaSync 5.x to 6.x
2007-11-15 Joao Venturaync print 5.x to 6.x
2007-10-29 Joao VenturaMinor changes
2007-10-28 Joao VenturaSync HEAD with latest print-5.x-2.x-dev
2007-08-24 Joao VenturaProfile printing is not working. Since utility is not...
2007-08-23 Joao VenturaTry to fix #71391 and try to display other node types...
2007-08-23 Joao VenturaChange maintainer information
2007-08-23 Joao VenturaFix links to relative/internal URLs (#58100)
2007-08-23 Joao VenturaFix #129535. Use ->url instead of
2007-08-23 Joao VenturaFix #49794 and #89724. Use print/nid instead of node...
2007-08-23 Joao Ventura#60334 by the greenman. Handle 'a name' tags
2007-08-23 Joao VenturaApply to CVS HEAD Andy Kirkham's DRUPAL-SA-2007-014...
2007-08-23 Joao VenturaAdd current time/date before the Source URL
2007-08-23 Joao VenturaMake the printer friendly page XHTML Strict compliant.
2007-03-26 Chad Phillipsclean up menu.
2007-03-26 Chad Phillipsremove dead code.
2007-03-26 Chad Phillipsadding .info file. 5.x-1.1
2007-03-26 Chad Phillips#88162 -- update to 5.0. patch by hunmonk, diggersf. 5.x-1.0
2006-10-23 rondevFrench translation of print.module Drupal 4.7
2006-07-15 Vtek PliskaCzech translation of print.module
2006-03-30 David Normanissue #54997: extra slash in URLs
2006-03-30 David Normanissue #50299: missing t()
2005-12-21 David Normanupdate version requirements
2005-12-21 David Normansummarize tonight's changes
2005-12-21 David Normancontrib by Markus Petrux for Drupal 4.6
2005-12-21 David Normanremove hardcode print.css location, let robots meta...
2005-12-21 David Normandefault settings point to a css file and it makes a...
2005-12-21 David Normanwork on forms API compatability, and fixes towards...
2005-12-21 David Normanbug fix #17317
2005-12-20 David Normanbug fixes #33909, #25275, #31715, #17317
2005-12-20 David Normanfix bug #18716
2005-12-20 peter john... Updated with patch for 4.7.
2005-12-20 peter john... Updated for 4.
2005-08-24 Uwe HermannAdded missing word.
2005-07-27 Matt Westgate* Renamed file to print.node.tpl.php
2005-07-27 Matt Westgate* Created a general print controller to allow modules...
2005-07-14 Uwe HermannCommited my patch from
2005-06-21 Uwe HermannAdded German translation.
2005-06-01 Henrique Recidive- Brazilian Portuguese Translation of print.module
2005-06-01 Henrique Recidive- Added print.tpl.php strings
2005-04-25 Uwe HermannUpdated print.pot file.
2005-01-26 kmkm - changed link
2005-01-26 kmkm - improved layout and localized strings
2005-01-25 kmkm - honor themes' global settings for "Display post...
2005-01-25 kmkm - print_link() checks if page is a book
2005-01-25 kmkm - changed maintainer
2004-11-25 km* Made CSS import work
2004-11-15 Hendrik Eeckhautcreated pot-file with extractor.php and added dutch...
2004-11-12 kmadded CUSTOMIZATION
2004-11-05 kmTaking over maintainance
2004-10-30 Matt Westgate* Created a print.tpl.php template file to give site...
2004-10-28 Matt Westgate* Generate printer friendly pages for all node types...