#77793 Use [quote] for quoting if quote.module in use too (was only checking bbcode...
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2007-02-14 Alan Harder#118888
2007-02-13 Alan Harder#117778 updated pot file and de-informal.po
2007-02-11 Alan Harder#117778 de-informal.po
2007-02-11 Al MaynichevRussian translation DRUPAL-5 fix
2007-01-26 Alan Harderremove extra pot
2007-01-26 Alan Harder#99092 German translation
2006-10-23 Alan HarderPolish translation from krzysiek@palikowski.vel.pl
2006-10-19 Amnon LevavTranslation for privatemsg.module, version 4.7.0
2006-10-19 Amnon LevavPOT file for the privatemsg module, version 4.7.0
2006-10-18 Uccioitalian translation of privatemsg by Uccio
2006-10-16 Uccio4.7 pot file
2006-06-13 beginnerAdding Bčr Kessels's dutch translation to MAIN branch.
2006-06-11 beginner#37505 Simplified Chinese translations by shpchp
2006-05-01 Yesid CarrilloSpanish translation of privatemsg module by yecarrillo
2005-12-30 MicheleFItalian translation of privatemsg module by Uccio ...
2004-11-25 Tom DobesItalian translation by MaxDanno - #12797