2007-02-22 Alan Harder#90882 Message preview 5.x-1.4
2007-02-22 Alan Harder#98280 oops, little fix
2007-02-22 Alan Harder#98280 Convert from auto_increment/serial to use db_nex...
2007-02-22 Alan Harder#37835 Integration with userpoints module (2.0 API...
2007-02-17 Alan Harder#119842 fix php warnings from drupal_mail call
2007-02-14 Alan Harder#118888
2007-02-14 Alan Harder#118887 Drupal 5.x disallows user/login access when... 5.x-1.3
2007-02-13 Alan Harderfix jquery syntax to get contacts box working again 5.x-1.2
2007-02-13 Alan Harderdon't show new message notification on privatemsg pages 5.x-1.1
2007-02-13 Alan Harder#118584 when replying to msg, if default input format...
2007-02-13 Alan Harder#117778 updated pot file and de-informal.po
2007-02-11 Alan Harder#117778 de-informal.po
2007-02-11 Alan Harder#117981 don't show "write to author" links to yourself
2007-02-11 Al MaynichevRussian translation DRUPAL-5 fix
2007-02-01 Alan HarderUpdates for drupal5 t() token handling, fixes some... 5.x-1.0
2007-01-31 Alan Harder#113999 Rename public API from _send to _send_privatems...
2007-01-30 Alan HarderFix List messages link (back to containing folder).
2007-01-30 Alan Harderuser_access check for notify via set_message
2007-01-30 Alan HarderSet status message and return to inbox after delete...
2007-01-30 Alan HarderFix function names so sending private msgs works again
2007-01-29 Alan HarderMerge in restructuring/cleanup/changes from 4.7 branch
2007-01-28 Alan HarderMore changes for drupal5 based on patch in #97743
2007-01-27 Alan HarderFirst few changes for drupal 5 compatibility
2007-01-26 Alan Harderremove extra pot
2007-01-26 Alan Harderupdate CREDITS/TODO
2007-01-26 Alan Harder#87004 Autocomplete for recipient field
2007-01-26 Alan Harder#97748 Add user option to receive an email for every...
2007-01-26 Alan Harder#85574 Add API callable from other modules to send...
2007-01-26 Alan Harder#99292 grammar fix from beginner
2007-01-26 Alan Harder#93709 Integration with buddylist module
2007-01-26 Alan Harderreset selectedIndex to 0 after select contact
2007-01-26 Alan Harder#109205 Explicitly set default for author_del,recipient_del
2007-01-26 Alan Harder#99092 German translation
2006-10-23 Alan Harder#6801 Only add status message when there are no others, to
2006-10-23 Alan Harder#6801 Use drupal_set_message to notify of new private...
2006-10-23 Alan HarderPolish translation from
2006-10-19 Amnon LevavTranslation for privatemsg.module, version 4.7.0
2006-10-19 Amnon LevavPOT file for the privatemsg module, version 4.7.0
2006-10-18 Uccioitalian translation of privatemsg by Uccio
2006-10-16 Uccio4.7 pot file
2006-08-11 Alan HarderIn email, link to user/login?destination=privatemsg...
2006-08-11 Alan Harder#41361 If guest is given access to privatemsg, only...
2006-08-11 Alan Harder#76755 Added DEFAULT '0' for folder column
2006-08-11 Alan Harder#56136 Show msg instead of reply link if sender doesn...
2006-06-20 Alan Harder#59442 use drupal_goto after sending msg
2006-06-18 Alan Harder#56499 Don't send email to blocked users - patch from...
2006-06-13 beginnerAdding Bčr Kessels's dutch translation to MAIN branch.
2006-06-11 Alan Harder#39705 by wtanaka. Change fieldname from message to...
2006-06-11 Bčr Kessels#39226 by webchick and beginner. Adds help from the...
2006-06-11 Bčr Kessels#48072 beginner and drumm, change "view inbox" into...
2006-06-11 Bčr Kessels#40749 by beginner, make message coe better, introduce...
2006-06-11 beginner#37505 Simplified Chinese translations by shpchp
2006-06-10 Alan Harderfix a couple ; that should be ,
2006-06-09 Alan HarderAdd table creation and utf8 update into privatemsg...
2006-06-09 Alan HarderRollup of 8 pending patches, see
2006-05-01 Yesid CarrilloSpanish translation of privatemsg module by yecarrillo
2006-04-20 Matt WestgatePatch #47918 by Fool2 - Replace deprecated array2object...
2005-12-30 MicheleFItalian translation of privatemsg module by Uccio ...
2005-11-15 Neil DrummUpdate to HEAD
2005-05-02 Tom Dobesfix #21824
2005-05-01 Tom Dobesfix #21721
2005-04-30 Tom Dobesprint to return
2005-04-30 Tom Dobes#20425 and some upgrading docs
2005-04-30 Tom Dobesaddress #12032 #12438 #13571 and some code clean-up...
2005-03-25 Tom Dobesfix missing default parameter on _user hook
2005-03-02 Tom Dobes#18174 - Fix a few code style issues (patch by Bart...
2005-02-11 Tom DobesFix for #15200 - Cannot delete messages sent to oneself
2005-02-11 Tom DobesPatch for bug #17163 by drumm - Fix non-localizable...
2005-01-29 Tom Dobesupdate for changes made in #13907
2004-12-02 Tom DobesLast set of changes for #13584
2004-12-01 Tom Dobesoops... a couple of fixes
2004-12-01 Tom DobesModified version of patch #13584 by weitzman
2004-11-25 Tom DobesItalian translation by MaxDanno - #12797
2004-11-25 Tom DobesImplement #5930
2004-11-25 Tom DobesFix #13456 #13455 #13409 and #13325
2004-11-01 Tom DobesFix bug #12363
2004-10-28 Tom DobesFix #12214 - Clean up case statement syntax - Patch...
2004-10-15 Tom DobesAnother instance of theme('links') and drupal_set_message
2004-10-15 moshe weitzmanuse theme('links') to display folder list and add To...
2004-10-15 Tom DobesUse theme_table, drupal_set_message, and breadcrumbs
2004-10-14 Tom DobesRenaming text files to .txt
2004-10-13 Uwe HermannRenamed all README files to README.txt, as discussed in
2004-09-29 Tom DobesPrevent admin from editing 'view inbox' with menu.module
2004-09-16 Tom DobesUpdate for menu caching
2004-08-06 Tom Dobesfix up a couple of minor bugs
2004-08-05 Tom DobesUpdate for latest _user hook changes, add some comments
2004-06-30 Tom DobesRemove redundant access check and whitespace cleanup
2004-06-23 James Walkerupdate for new tabs patch
2004-04-06 Tom DobesFix for bug 6989
2004-03-26 Tom DobesUpdate to work with new _user hook changes
2004-03-26 Tom DobesUpdate to use core form_submit (patch by jik)
2004-03-02 Tom DobesBetter grammar for edit account
2004-03-02 Matt WestgateUpdate module to work with latest CVS.
2004-02-29 Tom DobesUpdate to conform with latest user hook changes
2003-12-09 Tom DobesNew maintainer
2003-12-09 Tom DobesUpdating to function with latest Drupal CVS HEAD, allow...
2003-11-13 Dries Buytaert- Theme system updates: theme() function return their...
2003-11-04 Matt WestgateFixed bugs 3024 and 2011
2003-10-17 Matt WestgateUpdated to latest help and link system changes.
2003-06-25 ccourtne* Fix for e-mail messages. Subject was not supplied...