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2012-12-31 Santosh ChandankarIssue #1162978 by florin : Right sidebar broken after... master
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2010-08-12 JohnAlbinUpdated screenshot.
2010-08-12 JohnAlbinConverted comment.tpl to latest core variables.
2010-08-12 JohnAlbinUpdated styling for secondary menu in header area.
2010-08-12 JohnAlbinConverted node.tpl to latest core variables.
2010-08-12 JohnAlbinConverted block.tpl to latest core variables.
2010-08-12 JohnAlbinRemoved box.tpl since the "box" theme hook is no longer...
2010-08-12 JohnAlbinConverted page.tpl to latest core variables.
2010-08-12 JohnAlbinRemoved markup from page.tpl that is now in html.tpl.
2010-08-12 JohnAlbinRemoved version from .info file since pushbutton is...
2010-08-12 JohnAlbinAdded style.css to .info file as it is no longer includ...
2010-08-12 JohnAlbinMoved CSS, images, and templates into sub-directories.
2009-03-11 JohnAlbinUpdated code from Drupal HEAD.
2009-03-11 JohnAlbintesting commit access. Expecting failure. :-p
2005-05-04 Dries Buytaert- Moving pushbutton to contrib. Maybe we should conver...
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