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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords master
2008-11-03 Katherine BaileyUpdating HEAD with latest code, in preparation for...
2008-04-17 Katherine Baileyd6 version
2008-04-17 Katherine Baileyupdating to latest D5 version
2008-03-04 Katherine Baileyfixing typo as per issue #229738 from blackdog
2008-02-22 Katherine Baileyadding edit link to quicktabs list view
2008-02-16 Katherine Baileyadding images for tab styles
2008-02-16 Katherine BaileyAdding the files for the different tab styles
2008-02-16 Katherine BaileyAdding various tab styles as configuration option
2008-02-09 Katherine BaileyAdded the ability to edit existing quicktabs blocks...
2008-02-06 Katherine BaileyNew version with automatic generation of blocks using...
2008-01-28 Katherine BaileyAnd now for the missing js files
2008-01-27 Katherine BaileyRemoving misleading comment, cleaning up code indentations
2008-01-26 Katherine BaileyInitial commit of Quick Tabs module. This module allows...
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