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2013-12-15 Kurucz Istvánremove unnecessary comments 7.x-1.x
2013-12-15 Kurucz Istvánhook_uninstall(): delete all related variables
2013-12-15 Kurucz Istvánrole specific settings
2013-12-15 Kurucz Istváncorrected comments
2013-12-15 Kurucz Istvánfiltered text in drupal_set_message()
2012-09-14 carstenmuellerIssue #1546790: Custom user logout message.
2011-11-08 Kurucz IstvánToken support 7.x-1.0
2011-11-08 Kurucz Istvánhook_logout() and hook_drupal_goto_alter()
2011-11-08 Kurucz IstvánInitial commit, module settings page and hook_permissio...
2 years ago 7.x-1.0
4 months ago 7.x-1.x