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2008-01-10 Thomas BarregrenChecked in packaging script version by misstake.
2008-01-10 Thomas BarregrenFixing minor erros in the documentation. Refactoring.
2008-01-09 Thomas BarregrenThe module finally output the nodes in the same sort...
2008-01-05 Thomas BarregrenSeveral improvements including: (i) new API, (ii) extra...
2008-01-04 Thomas BarregrenReplaced the HTML-based README file with a text-based.
2008-01-04 Thomas BarregrenCosmetic changes to the source.
2008-01-04 Thomas BarregrenFixed the Page Not Found bug after updating.
2008-01-04 Thomas BarregrenCleaned up the intall file.
2008-01-02 Thomas BarregrenMinor changes in the help text.
2008-01-01 Thomas BarregrenCorrected a word. 5.x-1.3
2008-01-01 Thomas BarregrenSimplified and improved the theming.
2008-01-01 Thomas BarregrenMade it possible to keep and remove nodes even if they...
2008-01-01 Thomas BarregrenMade it an option if related content should be shown...
2008-01-01 Thomas BarregrenFixed a typo in a function call.
2007-12-31 Thomas BarregrenMade the theming configurable.
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