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2011-08-09 @himerusupdate to search block placeholder 7.x-3.x master 7.x-3.0-beta1
2011-08-09 @himerusfinal updates pre-first release
2011-08-08 @himeruserror for js in active trail methods
2011-08-08 @himerusupdated style for node edit
2011-08-08 @himerusupdated styles, nearing push
2011-08-08 @himerusgeneric updates
2011-08-06 @himerusfix for shadows on install elements and node add page
2011-08-06 @himerusupdated border on elements
2011-08-06 @himerusupdated styles
2011-08-06 @himerusupdate .info for respond
2011-08-06 @himerusinitial commit
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2 years ago 7.x-3.x
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