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2014-03-18 Chris RuppelIssue #2014807 by rupl: provide proper installation... 7.x-1.x
2014-03-05 KyleTayloredIssue #2211479 by kyletaylored: Add configure link...
2014-03-03 carwinAdding Carwin Young as maintainer
2014-01-22 Chris RuppelUpgrade included copy of respond.js to latest version. 7.x-1.3
2013-02-22 Chris RuppelUpdating comment block to match new respondjs_page_buil...
2013-02-22 Chris RuppelTask #1916566 by rupl: Use hook_page_build() to add...
2013-02-22 Chris RuppelUpdating respond.js upstream library. Version curiously...
2013-02-22 spotzeroIssue #1923646 by spotzero: drush rjsdl generates xdebu...
2013-02-22 Chris RuppelAdding isset() to part of drush command that checks...
2013-02-04 Chris RuppelIssue #1907282 by chrisivens, rupl: Fixed Undefined...
2012-11-02 Chris RuppelIssue #1828318 by rupl | killerpoke: Avoid translating... 7.x-1.2
2012-08-24 Chris RuppelTask #1490376 by rupl: drush command to enable module...
2012-08-22 Chris RuppelBig ol' update to
2012-08-17 Chris RuppelAdditional docs updates.
2012-08-17 Chris RuppelUpdating respond.js upstream library to v1.1.0
2012-08-17 Chris RuppelMove README to
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