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2014-03-02 fagoCheck whether an entity type supports UUID module befor... 7.x-2.x
2014-02-28 Wolfgang Ziegler... Issue #2206661 by dasjo, fago: Add resourceController...
2014-02-28 dasjoIssue #2206775 by dasjo: Use entity_type instead of...
2013-10-21 btoproIssue #2053147 by btopro, heddn: Allow for custom meta...
2013-10-02 fagoIssue #2101361 by maximilianmikus, fago: Fixed HTTP...
2013-08-07 Klaus PurerFixed field access problem. 7.x-2.1
2013-08-02 Klaus PurerImproved test verbosity to show the response of requests.
2013-07-25 Klaus PurerFixed SQL injection vulnerability. 7.x-2.0
2013-04-10 Klaus PurerFixed page caching problem. 7.x-2.0-alpha5
2013-03-28 gregglesIssue #1946042 by greggles: Improved description of...
2013-01-16 Klaus PurerIntroduced a session token for write operations from... 7.x-2.0-alpha4
2013-01-02 whurleyf1Issue #1878064 by whurleyf1: Added alter hook for response.
2012-11-14 Klaus PurerOnly allow the format extension in the URL path on... 7.x-2.0-alpha3
2012-08-29 Klaus PurerIssue #1717410 by sepgil: Fixed Querying does not respe... 7.x-2.0-alpha2
2012-08-29 sgilitsIssue #1717228 by sepgil: Fixed resource creation with...
2012-08-19 Klaus PurerIssue #1697558 by sepgil: Follow-up for resource URI...
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