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last changeTue, 26 Apr 2011 23:09:01 +0000
2011-04-26 Katherine SenzeeMake sure to respect existing node form validation. master 6.x-1.8
2011-04-26 Katherine SenzeeFix failing test.
2011-04-26 Katherine SenzeeIssue #1126292: Fix capitalization.
2011-04-22 Katherine SenzeeInitial test coverage for 6.x-1.x.
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2010-11-17 Dan JukesValidation submit handler added by danjukes. 6.x-1.7
2010-11-17 Dan Jukesbug report #973880 by danjukes: setting submit handler. 6.x-1.6
2010-09-02 Dan Jukesbug report #896972 danjukes : UX changes to module... 6.x-1.5
2010-07-02 Dan Jukesfix for Doesn't work for some custom content types 6.x-1.4
2010-04-10 Dan JukesUpdated module 6.x-1.1 6.x-1.2 6.x-1.3 6.x-2.1
2010-04-07 Dan JukesInitial commit of save_draft module. A simple module... 6.x-1.0
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