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last changeWed, 6 Nov 2013 08:28:58 +0000
2013-11-06 nagbaImprove URL patch matching 7.x-1.x 7.x-1.0-beta2
2013-10-11 Gordon HeydonIssue #1145292 by Bladedu, greenjuls | ptmkenny: Fixed...
2013-10-11 Gordon HeydonCreate method to allow securing forms based upon form id.
2013-10-10 Gordon HeydonIssue #2108161 by CChow, gordon: Fixed securepages_form...
2013-10-09 Gordon HeydonStop securepages_match() from getting the alias twice.
2013-06-24 Gordon HeydonChange matching to only check once if there is a match.
2013-06-24 Gordon HeydonFix up ignore list to check path for both alias and...
2013-06-24 Gordon HeydonAdd in debugging switch to help resolving issues.
2012-11-20 Gordon HeydonIf the form has set #https then stop secure pages from... 7.x-1.0-beta1
2012-05-23 Dylan Tackworkaround for #1541958
2012-02-03 Dylan TackIssue #1402608 by klausi, grendzy: don't alter form...
2011-10-10 Dylan TackPatch #1301066 by TR: Coding standards
2011-10-10 Dylan TackPatch #1301064 by TR: Not all system variables are...
2011-10-10 Dylan TackPatch #1301068 by TR: .info file problems
2011-09-15 Dylan TackIssue #750104 by cafuego, grendzy: Enforce https based...
2011-09-13 Dylan Tackadd tests for XHR requests
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