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2013-05-19 k0tegIssue #1998336 by k0teg: <? in semantic_panels.install 7.x-1.x 7.x-1.2
2013-04-19 emattiasShorten fences options code 7.x-1.1
2013-04-19 emattiasRemove 2 element in one choices from fences suggestions
2013-04-19 emattiasRemove work in progress style export stuff (to a separa... 7.x-1.1-beta1
2013-04-06 emattiasAdd category
2013-04-05 emattiasUse OO export_ui api instead. And clean up the style...
2013-04-05 emattiasSupport global tokens in link path even if no context...
2013-04-05 TimBrandinIssue #1952032 by TimBrandin: Links with tokens that...
2013-04-05 emattiasAdd support for fences HTML element suggestions
2013-04-05 BerdArtIssue #1961594 by BerdArt
2013-03-25 emattiasMake saving of style in export ui work
2013-02-25 emattiasBeginning of export ui implementation
2013-02-25 emattiasUse States api to prepare for export ui form
2013-02-25 emattiasAvoid notices when applying semantic style for the...
2013-02-22 emattiasDRY up and shorten the code
2013-02-22 emattiasCheckbox is back! Also support for multiple context...
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