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last changeFri, 25 Feb 2011 02:07:04 +0000
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Removing translation directories master
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2008-12-12 Roger Lópezremoving some leftover files
2008-12-12 Roger Lópezmerging DRUPAL-6--1 into HEAD
2007-06-18 Derek Wright#152819: Module .info files should not define 'version...
2007-03-17 Vadim Barsukovrussian translation
2007-03-01 Ted Serbinskibump the revision number 5.x-1.0
2007-03-01 Ted Serbinskiadd new RTL advanced setting for themes that need that
2007-02-28 Ted Serbinski#116317, disable simplemenu on a per theme basis, patch...
2007-02-28 Ted Serbinski#123486 fix typo in readme, thanks scor
2007-02-28 Ted Serbinski#114803, fix textareas not working, patch by quicksketch
2007-01-30 Ted Serbinski#114107, improved interface/colors, patch by quicksketch
2007-01-30 Ted Serbinski#114015, advanced menu settings to place menu anywhere...
2007-01-30 Ted Serbinskibring back fixed position menu, but fix it from overlap...
2007-01-30 Ted Serbinskifix page scroll down, #108655
2007-01-30 Ted Serbinskiremoving unused icon
2 years ago 6.x-1.15
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3 years ago 6.x-1.3
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