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last changeTue, 25 Jan 2005 00:21:32 +0000
2005-01-25 Khalid BaheyeldinRemoving this module from the repository, since it... master
2005-01-23 Khalid BaheyeldinMissing brace causes havoc. Fixed.
2005-01-23 Khalid BaheyeldinMore efficient way when not displaying nodes, avoiding...
2005-01-23 Khalid BaheyeldinAdded the capability to be configured as a block, thus...
2005-01-20 Khalid BaheyeldinNew simple site map module DRUPAL-4-5
2004-07-14 Kjartan Mannes- Removing old unmaintained modules/themes.
2003-11-13 Dries Buytaert- Theme system updates: theme() function return their...
2003-04-04 Gerhard KillesreiterUpdated with instructions to get to work with php prior...
2003-03-30 Gerhard KillesreiterSome changes
2003-03-30 Gerhard KillesreiterUse _cron hook instead of generating an image per page...
2003-03-30 Gerhard KillesreiterA sitemap.module that requires Graphviz.
9 years ago DRUPAL-4-5
3 years ago 4.2.x-1.x
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