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2013-09-04 Arshad ChummunFixed link in copyright 7.x-1.x
2013-08-26 Arshad ChummunMultiple fixes after theme update
2013-08-26 Arshad ChummunUse copyright instead of footer_menu to make theme...
2013-08-26 Arshad ChummunUpdate sizzle to latest Radix
2013-04-16 Arshad ChummunIssue #1972058 by liza: Undefined variable: footer_menu...
2013-03-23 Arshad ChummunUpdate navbar styles
2013-03-09 Arshad ChummunRemove restaurant links
2013-03-09 Arshad ChummunUpdates for sizzle styles
2013-01-27 Arshad ChummunFix sass import for compass_radix_responsive
2013-01-23 Arshad ChummunLet sizzle be used outside of restaurant
2013-01-23 Arshad ChummunMisc theme fixes
2013-01-23 Arshad ChummunAdd a primary class to .form-actions button
2013-01-23 Arshad ChummunRemove gutter margin from navigation for tablet viewport
2013-01-23 Arshad Chummunuse default buttons on maintenance pages
2013-01-23 Arshad ChummunAdd maintenance partial back to theme
2013-01-23 Arshad ChummunFixed php notice for maintenance page
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