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2013-06-21 unknown* [#2018453] README updated to notify users that two... 7.x-2.x
2013-06-21 unknown* [#2018457] in examples module display all submitted...
2013-06-21 unknown* [#2023709] Adjustible field example added to examples...
2013-06-07 unknown* conflict between display_values_format and display_bu...
2013-06-07 unknown* improving the example module with better samples...
2013-06-07 unknown* improving the examples module with better exampels...
2013-06-07 unknown* disableing input fields as well when the widget becom...
2013-06-07 unknown* compatibility with form api #states [#1950206]
2013-06-05 unknown* tabs converted to spaces in js file 7.x-2.0-alpha4
2013-06-05 unknown* new example for element status change added
2013-06-05 unknown* Incorrect Min title for input field removed
2013-06-05 unknown* readme updated
2013-06-05 unknown* [#1970086] Fixing all ajax issues, now fully working
2013-06-05 unknown* New example for demonstrating ajax usage
2013-06-05 unknown* undefined sliderfield_validate_integer error while...
2013-06-05 unknown* [#1665960] minor issue fixed and it's now fully compa...
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