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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords 6.x-1.x
2009-10-12 ilo#408362 by ilo: Fix module directory structure
2009-10-12 ilo#408360 by ilo: Remove nuSOAP library from CVS.
2009-10-12 iloby ilo: fixes for #581202 and support for new nusoap...
2009-10-12 ilo#581202 by ilo: Make nusoap location configurable.
2009-09-18 ilo#580866 by ilo: fixed default temporary directory.
2009-09-18 iloIssues of coder module.
2009-09-17 ilo#557748 by Peter Bex, ilo: incorrect usage of soapclien...
2009-09-17 ilo#499788 by Sutharsan, jhedstrom and Peter Bex: incorrec...
2008-06-05 Chawalit LimsowanInitial version 6.x-1.0-alpha
5 years ago 6.x-1.0-beta2
5 years ago 6.x-1.0-beta
5 years ago 6.x-1.0-alpha
3 years ago 5.x-1.x
3 years ago 5.x-2.x
3 years ago 6.x-1.x
3 years ago master