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2012-09-04 gagarineremove preprocess page to modify main_menu and secondar... 7.x-2.x 7.x-2.0
2012-09-04 gagarineadd nolink and separator class
2012-09-02 gagarine#1698690 Tag attributes are present in closing tag...
2012-09-02 gagarine#1698690 tag attributes are present in closing tag
2012-08-30 a.ross#1447988 Override theme_link instead of the theme_menu_link 7.x-1.x 7.1-rc-1 7.x-1.1-rc1
2012-07-17 gagarine#1677982 fix bad closing tag by marci003 and elBradford
2012-07-10 gagarineremove some trailing space
2012-06-24 DuaelFr#1616108 Avoid registry collision
2012-06-24 gagarine#1652088 syntax error
2012-06-19 DuaelFr#1221294 option to use href='#' for nolink items to...
2012-06-19 jsenich#1407172 Undefined indexes when menu is controled by...
2011-11-28 DuaelFr#573034 Breadcrumbs still show links
2011-11-03 gagarineupdate readme
2011-11-03 gagarinecode cleanup
2011-11-03 gagarineAdd css class active-trail if appropriate
2011-06-21 Simon Perdrisatclass for menu in block has to be hardcoded 7.x-1.0
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