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2011-09-29 Sean RobertsonFix for cache problems master 6.x-1.27 6.x-2.7
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2011-01-04 Magnus Gunnarsson#243066 by Magnus: Imported translations to localizatio...
2009-10-05 Sean RobertsonBetter thickbox support, clearer config options
2009-09-01 Sean RobertsonRemove thickbox files and integrate with Thickbox modul... 6.x-2.5
2009-07-22 Sean Robertson#509018 - splash and drush, by kscheirer
2009-07-01 Sean Robertson#503670 - PHP notices
2009-06-05 Sean Robertsontypo
2009-06-05 Sean Robertson#474114 - Separate permission rule to authorize roles...
2009-06-05 Sean Robertson#382050 - Cookie shouldn't expire
2009-06-05 Sean Robertson#247892 - Menu items lack required access parameters... 6.x-2.4
2008-07-28 Magnus Gunnarsson#243066 Added Swedish translation and POT to HEAD.
2008-03-20 Fokke Zandbergen- Fixed that splash text was formatted with use check...
2008-03-20 Fokke Zandbergen- Added thickbox in the package 6.x-2.3
2008-03-18 Fokke Zandbergen- Fixed access to 'administer site configuration' 6.x-2.2
2008-03-18 Fokke Zandbergen*** empty log message ***
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