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2011-02-27 Al SteffenMerge branch 'includes_rework' master
2011-02-27 Al SteffenRemove the old and now uneeded CVS Id in files.
2011-02-27 Al SteffenBring in the changes from the github repository.
2011-02-27 Al SteffenMerge remote branch 'remotes/drupal/master'
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2011-02-01 Al SteffenAdd a bit of caching so we do not have to search for...
2011-02-01 Al SteffenMove html.tpl.php to the overrides folder.
2011-02-01 Al SteffenRework the include system to autmaticallly include...
2010-10-13 Al SteffenUpdate html.tpl.php to use $studio_attributes on elements.
2010-10-12 Al SteffenOpt for using the CSS_SYSTEM constant instead of creati...
2010-10-12 Al SteffenAdd a print stylesheet to paint.
2010-10-12 Al SteffenFix the slight jump of the site title when moving betwe...
2010-10-12 Al SteffenSeparate the style related options from layout.css...
2010-10-12 Al SteffenFix spelling errors (Zarabadoo/studio/issues#issue...
2010-10-12 Al SteffenAdd a default logo image.
2010-10-12 Al SteffenAdd whitespace to the
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