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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords master
2008-12-12 Jonathan Dale#345865: Vocab depth is now configurable. 6.x-1.0-rc3
2008-12-12 Jonathan DaleRemoved translations as they were no longer valid.
2008-12-11 Jonathan Dale#184291: updates for compatability with dhtml_menu...
2008-10-01 Jonathan DaleRC1 for D6
2006-04-09 Ian S. H. Wardupdating taxonomy_dhtml module for 4.7
2006-01-13 Morten Wulffinitial commit
2005-10-05 moshe weitzmanfix #33101: taxonomy_dhtml doesn't clean-up cache
2005-07-05 moshe weitzmanfix #26346: creates wrong links when used in conjunctio...
2005-07-01 moshe weitzmanfix query again and blocks bug (wrong vocab could show up)
2005-07-01 moshe weitzmanfix caching. cache_get() now returns an array and not...
2005-06-01 moshe weitzmanmake term links easier to alias
2005-04-14 moshe weitzmanrewrite_sql fix
2005-03-02 moshe weitzmanupdate for 4.6 and fix a query in og
2004-12-14 moshe weitzmanterm link should have depth as per
2004-12-11 moshe weitzmansignificantly simplified the vocab_vert() function...
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