2007-11-16 hassAdded German translation
2007-11-16 hassAdded POT file for translation
2007-06-18 Derek Wright#152819: Module .info files should not define 'version...
2007-05-06 Ted Serbinski#80851 add new source formatting options, patch by...
2007-05-06 Ted Serbinski#120287 localization of options, thanks LUTi
2007-05-06 Ted Serbinskifix parse error
2007-05-06 Ted Serbinskiadd uninstall hook
2007-05-06 Ted Serbinski#115996, fix incorrect SQL table usage, thanks mmoreno
2007-05-06 Ted Serbinski#126364 fix convert font to styles, patch by mlsamuelson
2007-05-06 Ted Serbinski#110761, get JS GZIP compression working with new TinyM...
2007-05-06 Ted Serbinski#140955 , fix CSS include instructions, patch by JacobSingh
2007-05-06 Ted Serbinski#59216, fix #resizable when used with TinyMCE, patch...
2007-03-30 Janos FeherInitial commit - Hungarian translation
2007-03-05 Kevin ReynenUpdate TinyMCE to version 2.1
2007-03-01 Ted Serbinskireadding in drupalbreak plugin
2007-02-25 Nedjo RogersIssue #121829, update readme and install.
2007-02-25 Nedjo RogersIssue #121976, merge HEAD version into 5.x dev branch.
2007-02-07 Wendy*** empty log message ***
2007-02-07 Wendy*** empty log message ***
2007-02-07 Wendy*** empty log message ***
2007-02-07 Wendy*** empty log message ***
2007-02-07 Wendy*** empty log message ***
2007-01-31 Erdem KseTurkish translation for TinyMCE module
2007-01-30 Wendy*** empty log message ***
2007-01-24 Wendy*** empty log message ***
2006-12-31 Wendyno message
2006-12-30 Wendyno message
2006-12-29 Wendyno message
2006-12-29 Wendyno message
2006-12-29 Wendyno message
2006-12-29 Wendyno message
2006-12-29 Wendyno message
2006-12-29 Wendyno message
2006-12-29 Wendyno message
2006-12-29 Wendyno message
2006-12-29 Wendyno message
2006-12-29 Wendyno message
2006-12-29 Wendyno message
2006-10-19 Uccioitalian translation of tinymce by lucaru76
2006-09-16 Morten Wulffadd missing translations. make consistent with translat...
2006-09-06 Bjarne added danish translation
2006-05-11 Ted Serbinskifixes for tinymce install under certain conditions
2006-05-06 Ted Serbinskiupdated install docs with how to enable AJAX spell...
2006-05-06 Ted Serbinskiadd new buttons for CSS editing, layer support, and...
2006-04-25 Ted Serbinskifix theming function
2006-04-24 Ted Serbinskipatch #59216 by gordon
2006-04-16 Ted Serbinskifixed bug with duplicate textareas appearing when disabling
2006-04-06 Ted Serbinskinew option to hide the disable/enable toggle
2006-04-06 Ted Serbinskifixe tinymce loading, works with CCK fields now
2006-04-05 Ted Serbinskifixed resize setting
2006-03-27 Ted Serbinskipatch #49475 by quicksketch, fix drupalimage plugin
2006-03-24 Ted Serbinskifix extra node load for last fix
2006-03-24 Ted Serbinskikill TinyMCE when editing PHP nodes, otherwise TinyMCE...
2006-03-24 Ted SerbinskiPatch #54713 : spelling fix
2006-03-24 Ted SerbinskiPatch #54242 : Improved img_assist integration, removed...
2006-03-24 Ted Serbinskifix permission link in help text
2006-03-08 Ted Serbinskidon't force table type myisam
2006-03-07 Ted Serbinskilet drupal resizable textareas work when tinymce is off
2006-03-07 Ted Serbinskipatch #50458 , along with forms api cleanups and a...
2006-03-07 Ted Serbinskiupdated docs
2006-03-07 Ted Serbinskiimproved help text
2006-03-07 Ted Serbinskifix possible settings name conflict
2006-02-28 Ted Serbinskimake TinyMCE generated urls of the form "/base_path...
2006-02-28 Ted Serbinskicomment out unused code example
2006-02-23 Ted Serbinskifix TinyMCE gzip path issue
2006-02-23 Ted Serbinskimore path fixes
2006-02-23 Ted Serbinskipatch #49691 by budda: fix TinyMCE paths
2006-02-23 Ted Serbinskiremoved forced border=0 on <img>
2006-02-22 Gordon Heydon- fix resizing configuration as it was back to front.
2006-02-21 Ted Serbinskiupdated drupalbreak pluging
2006-02-21 Ted Serbinskiupdated maintainers list
2006-02-21 Ted Serbinskinew TinyMCE autoinstall system
2006-02-21 Ted Serbinskifixed relative paths
2006-02-21 Ted Serbinskifixed entity encoding issues
2006-02-21 Ted Serbinskiremove unnecessary ?>
2006-02-21 Ted Serbinskifixed paging module link
2006-02-21 Ted Serbinskimissing $id tag
2006-02-15 Matt Westgate* Create install profile and add base_path().
2006-01-23 Ted SerbinskiUTF-8 updates
2006-01-13 Matt Westgate* Added the ability to suppress Safari browser warning...
2006-01-11 Ted Serbinskiunneeded description
2006-01-10 Ted Serbinskiadded support for new PHP visibility block permission
2006-01-10 Ted Serbinskibetter help text for adding custom CSS classes
2006-01-10 Ted Serbinskimissing style select button
2006-01-10 Ted Serbinskifixed user roles not being saved
2006-01-03 Ted Serbinskiarray2object() is no longer in core
2006-01-02 Matt Westgate* Patch #42780 by ordinaryfool - Fixed typo that preven...
2005-12-30 Matt Westgate* Patch by TM - Updated install instructions to clarify...
2005-12-29 Matt Westgate* Patch #42128 by 4p - Block formats does not display.
2005-12-29 Ted Serbinskiadd #resizable = false so TinyMCE doesn't interfere...
2005-12-26 Ted SerbinskiXHTML validation fixes
2005-12-20 Ted Serbinskifix to disable tinymce on log messages (core recently...
2005-12-19 Matt Westgate* Patch #41694 by moxiecode - Future compatibility...
2005-12-17 Matt Westgate* Enable textarea resizing by default and added more...
2005-12-13 Ted Serbinskifixed disappearing buttons and improved automatic butto...
2005-12-12 Matt Westgate* Documentation updates
2005-12-05 Matt Westgate* Patch #39930 by drumm - Fall back to a normal textare...
2005-12-02 Ted Serbinskiremove uneeded case after forms api renamed the log...
2005-11-30 Ted Serbinskiadded new drupalbreak plugin to work with this paginati...
2005-11-30 Ted Serbinskifixed CSS classes not loading