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last changeFri, 25 Feb 2011 02:13:24 +0000
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords master
2011-01-10 Jarosaw FoksaRemoved CVS-generated strings from info file 7.x-1.8
2011-01-05 Jarosaw FoksaHighlight active menu items 7.x-1.7
2010-12-31 Jarosaw Foksa- removed "Primary links" and "Secondary links" feature... 7.x-1.6
2010-12-31 Jarosaw FoksaRemoving outdated stylesheets
2010-12-31 Jarosaw FoksaAdding style.css
2010-12-31 Jarosaw FoksaTest commit
2010-08-11 Jarosaw FoksaFixed bug: main menu not showing up 7.x-1.5
2010-06-29 Jarosaw FoksaAdding ie7.css 7.x-1.4
2010-06-29 Jarosaw FoksaFix issue #839278: Not working with panels
2010-06-27 Jarosaw FoksaFixed misaligned menu bullets in sidebar region. 7.x-1.2
2010-06-27 Jarosaw FoksaWhitespace cleanup in node.tpl.php
2010-06-27 Jarosaw FoksaRemoved search region 7.x-1.1
2010-06-22 Jarosaw FoksaPushing stable release. A lot of bugs were fixed. 7.x-1.0
2010-06-22 Jarosaw FoksaAdding sort-down.png and sort-up.png
2010-06-22 Jarosaw FoksaAdding draggable.png
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