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2011-05-13 Tim RohalyClean out master branch, since it won't be used any... master
2011-05-02 Tim RohalyRemove cut/paste error.
2011-04-30 Tim RohalyFix drupal_set_message() messages.
2011-04-30 Tim RohalyMerge with 6.x-2.x branch.
2011-04-23 Tim RohalyRemove PHP notices.
2011-04-23 Tim RohalyRemove t() from schema descriptions.
2011-04-23 Tim RohalyJust a few more formatting changes to bring master...
2011-04-23 Tim RohalyMore code cleanup. Use t() where needed, indent switch...
2011-04-23 Tim RohalyMore code cleanup.
2011-04-23 Tim RohalyMore code cleanup.
2011-04-21 Tim RohalyAdd doxygen comments.
2011-04-21 Tim RohalyClean up code. Move
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2010-09-28 Will Vincent#922082 by tcindie: Added missing instances of t()...
2010-09-17 Will Vincentbug #914762 fixed by tcindie: Corrected typo in update...
2010-09-16 Will Vincentchanged #725608 by tcindie: Invalid db_next_id() call... 6.x-1.12
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