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last changeSun, 3 Apr 2011 06:22:38 +0000
2011-04-03 Chris HoodMerge branch '7.x-2.x' master
2011-04-03 Chris Hood#1114194 by solotandem: Fixed Syntax errors and PHP...
2011-04-03 Chris Hoodmissing ';'
2011-04-02 Chris Hood#945474 by torgosPizza: Fixed hook_process() (for proce...
2011-04-02 Chris Hoodmissing variable declaration
2011-04-02 Chris Hoodno need to pass order objects by reference in hook_orde...
2011-04-02 Chris Hoodadd comments to orders on failed payments
2011-04-02 Chris Hood#1064622: Fixed Formatting of fee-amount token.
2011-04-02 Chris HoodMerge branch '7.x-2.x'
2011-04-02 Chris Hoodsyntax error in db function port to D7
2011-04-02 Chris Hood#1074400 by tinker: Fixed CIM - multiple...
2011-04-02 Chris Hood#1108012 by acouch: Fixed Hosted Gateway module descrip...
2011-04-02 Chris Hood#1081810 by tinker: Fixed Recurring Product Fee set...
2011-04-02 Chris Hood#1106720 by tinker: Organic Groups integration.
2011-02-27 Chris Hood#992252 by aaronott: Work on D7 port.
2011-02-27 Chris Hood#1053216 by tinker: Fixed 'The recurring order amount...
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