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2007-02-12 Steve McKenzieinfo file for Drupal 5 version master 5.x-2.0
2006-12-10 Shakurthnx finch: added new function to retrieve terms associ...
2006-12-01 Shakursyntax correction.
2006-11-30 Shakurcorrected errors with multiple freetagging and overwrit...
2006-11-30 Shakursolved the error that was causing username to be set...
2006-11-30 ShakurUpdate module-
2006-11-29 Shakurcorrecting errors such as extra <?php..
2006-11-22 Shakurdoing first commit, have a working userstag module...
2006-07-06 Steve McKenzieminor cleanup
2006-07-05 Steve McKenzieanother stupid issue
2006-07-05 Steve McKenziesuch silly little errors
2006-06-15 Steve McKenziefixed broken install
2006-04-21 Steve McKenziefixed user/page foreach loop error
2006-04-20 Steve McKenzieclean up and comments added
2006-04-20 Steve McKenzie0.1alpha of user_tags.module
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