#1046650 by dereine, damz: Don't delete views in the simpletest.
[project/views.git] / CHANGELOG.txt
31227f8a 1CHANGELOG for Views 3 for Drupal 7
31dd0540 2
3Views 3.x-7.x-dev
5#1017128 by bojanz, dereine: Add support to render a single delta.
6follow up by bojanz: Better description for the delta.
7#1017254 by dereine: Fix undefined property error in argument_string handler.
8#1007886 by dereine: Relationship-fields in field_field handler should use the table alias.
9#1018766 by bojanz: Fix click_sort for fieldapi fields.
10#1017128 by bojanz: Follow up: Hide field_field if field value is empty.
11#1018802 by dereine: Convert 'formula' add_where to add_where_expression.
12#1018766 by solotandem: Fix click_sort for fieldapi fields.
13#960648 by dereine: Addjust comment link to d7 changes.
14#997662 by das-peter: Saving a machine name of a display throws Notice "Undefined property new_id".
15#955464 by davereid: Fix notice in views_many_to_one_helper when $operator = 'and'.
16#1019438 by dereine: Fix "illegal choice" for unlimited fields.
17#1019506 by dereine: Fix the remove items element on the rearrange filter_group form.
18#1011004 by dereine: Add validation for query plugin option forms.
0d9b8af0 19#991202 by helmo: Add option to turn linebreaks into br tags in field rewriting.
31b66200 20#1001302 by dagmar: Enable attachment displays to have more links.
9a056325 21#1021784 by tim.plunkett: Extra space added in some classes erroneously.
9b482a1a 22#862072 by jhedstrom: Allow argument validator to test if user has edit or delete access to a node.
c6fec465 23Fix fieldsets in field handler.
05f18a0d 24#962564 by joshuajabbour: Allow link attributes to be rewritten (internally).
c9f2596f 25#672864 by dboulet: cols- class incorrect on table, grid.
1306a837 26#981872 by infojunkie: Option to hide attachments in summary views.
de22881e 27#839810 by marcp: Get UID from URL argument default plugin should accept uids from Views pages.
5d3a5410 28#1012584 by dereine: Allow filtering on term descriptions.
dc77f39c 29#895046 by bojanz, dereine, merlinofchaos: Implement proper multiple field api handling and improve field api rendering in general.
85121cd5 30#1035168 by Ao: Fix strict warning in unread node filter.
45b7bb06 31#1044916 by dagmar: Fix improper use of set_current_page member variable.
45094b54 32#1016814 by eaton: string argument should support name_field.
b4414967 33#1007376 by dereine: Jump menu was not correctly supporting offsets.
ddb57d04 34#1018160 by zhangtaihao: unpack_translatable could infinitely recurse when options are arrays but not declared as such.
9e7a897c 35#776830: Attachments and other displays lost "Items to display" controls.
bb281cb8 36#747782 by dereine: Improve jump menu grouping.
367135d2 37#1026014 by dereine and alex_b: Use more always should not ask for the count query to see if we need to show the more link.
38#1012596 by dereine: More inline documentation of class variables.
39#988680 by mikeytown2: Fix Views memory leak with attachments.
40#1023062 by mikejoconnor: Replace views_process_dependency with ctools_dependent_process again.
41#1023558 by mariusz.slonina: Add a user cancel account link.
42#1015960 by duellj: View js should use DOM element not jquery object.
43#1027552 by david_Rothstein: Fix Node: Has new content fatal error.
44#955464 by dereine: Fix many_to_one helper in the case of have no condition and operator = 'and'.
45#696550: Taxonomy validator should always set title when it successfully validates.
46#869172 by bendiy: Add an "external" parameter to field link rewriting so that external URLs can be formed properly even without a scheme.
47#935176 by benoit.borrel: Add "system" table to Views data.
48#839236: Fields named "buttons" would disappear from the rearrange UI due to conflict with the buttons on the form.
49#783514 by dereine: Allow breaking of strings with + and ,
50#1000760 by dereine: Prevent htmlspecialchars() error with string arguments.
51#1033494 by dereine: Fix filter by user picture: change used handler.
52#895046 by bojanz: Follow up of the multiple field handler. Fixes an issue with group-by and rename entity_api_classes.
53#1044250 by dereine: Fix notice in views_handler_filter_history_user_timestamp for disabled comment module.
54#1018872 by dereine: field_field handler shouldn't force to set base field in relationship.
55#1049586 by fgm: Fix strict error in field_field::init.
56#1049276 by david_Rothstein: Commit the 6.11 patch to d7.
57#1011226 by Chris Gillis, Sutharsan: Fix display of error messages in the views inteface.
58#1050962 by Sutharsan: Convert #value to #markup in validate methods.
59#1051034 by Manuel Garcia: Allow field wrapper class to take multiple classes.
60#957284 by dereine: Fix search filter to work with d7 version of search.module's api.
61#534452 by dereine: Remove non-functional "optional" setting on string filters.
e6d2c7b9 62#1019826 by penguin25: Respect contact page access overrides when displaying contact link.
ddc410ee 63#652684 by dereine: Search and replace error resulted in invalid function name in nid argument validator.
6e9e2144 64#1008358: Updated for translation plugin to work properly with i18nviews.
3113c228 65#1055378 by mfb: Fix rss_namespaces.
70659a46 66#957284: by dereine: Followup for filter_search fix.
b63be48d 67#1063208 by dereine: Fix joins between some tables and file_usage.
7539062c 68#1024586 by merlinofchaos, dereine: Provide a way to move old fields in views data. Additional move field-api data to it.
8f4e7094 69#990554 by bojanz: Allow to show default values of fields.
d2a496ed 70#1039460 by robertgarrigos: Rename drupal_set_content to drupal_add_region_content
b3ab5b06 71#1045908 by bfroehle: Fix type in api-upgrading.html
eb371527 72#646456 by xslim: Add a workaround to run update.php
723f08a7 73#1055602 by dereine: Convert argument search to dbtng.
15bab64d 74#1039584 by dereine: Fix path of taxonomy path, function from d6
75#1019746 by Ralf: Check_plain role names.
76#1006482 by dereine: Fix filter: user posted or commented handler.
f9b4b28c 77#870960 by bojanz, dereine: Field label should derive from field Label, not field name.
8a1ee587 78#1056824 by greggles: Rename the displayed permission from "access all views" to "bypass views access control".
0d8ee6b7 79#1022052 bojanz, dereine: Don't add the field_info into the views data array
3f7d1df7 80#970162 by longwave: Add "time hence" options to date field format
db206916 81#1069100 by paranojik: remove legacy code from views_plugin_row_comment_view:pre_render().
c901ade7 82#741234 by voxpelli: Arguments should check for NULL along with empty string to find empty values.
5a46b695 83#1046170 by agentrickard, blackice2999, dereine: Execute preExecute before generate the countQuery to fix pagers with node_access.
0c912b0c 84#1046170 (follow up) by agentrickard: Provide a better documentation for the problem.
ca90b263 85#1070112 by drunken_monkey: Fix notice in field_views_field_label.
2acddc72 86#978824 by dereine: Don't execute validation on config_item remove button.
43e77bf6 87by dereine: Convert op_shorter/longer in filter_string to add_where_expression.
0ac76424 88#1046650 by dereine, damz: Don't delete views in the simpletest.
89abe189 89
90Views 3.x-7.x-alpha1 (05-Jan-2011)
93#914102 by torelad: Correct placeholder in views_date_sql_format.
94#931582 by bec: Provide integration of {file_usage} table.
95by dereine: Fix in_operator test.
96by dereine: Fix more testcases by adding $this->resetAll().
97#931886 by bojanz: Remove views_handler_filter_float because numeric handler + dbtng does everything.
98#932792 by bec: Extras for formatting {file_managed} fields.
99by dereine: Move file_* handlers to extra files.
100#934086 by dereine: Attach the contextual links library only once.
101#917402 by yhahn: Update taxonomy handlers for d7 changes.
102#930582 by berdir, Damz, dereine: Fix query substitutions for subqueries.
103#711860 by dereine: 00 entered in pager total fails.
104#889770 by tim.plunkett: Empty fields not always hidden based on row settings.
105#762484 by master-of-magic: Link to node status could be lost between rows.
106#908272 by jaydub: Fix incorrect length of view description form field.
107#772782 by mstrelan: Menu normal item menu should default to system default menu rather than "navigation".
108#571234 by dereine: Better handling of invalid exposed filters or other methods that cause a view to abort during the build process.
109#685554 by MyXelf: Illegal characters in View tag translated improperly when used in theming templates.
110#508832 by nick_vh: Documentation improvement on templates.
111#887220 by dereine: Fix fatal error when using GROUP BY.
112#930714 by brad.bulger: Add aggregator GUID field.
113#936828 by xjm: Empty field replacement not quite always working.
114#872000 by NaX: Comment edit field needs option to set destination so it can work like comment edit field.
115#799580 by dereine: api version of views exports should use views_api_version() not hardcoded number.
116#884440 by Amitaibu: Improve token encoding to eliminate double html entity encoding.
117#847930 by dereine: Reduce duplicates option not staying set.
118#865482 by dereine: RSS options form does not include override.
119#813422 by dereine and killes: Improved time-based caching expiration.
120#829550 by hefox: Better testing of batch form use by exposed filters.
121#570618 by dereine: Enforce denying access to disabled views more strongly.
122#667014 by dereine: Prevent notice with relationships and node row style if relationship has no endpoint node.
123#835934 by dereine: Provide relationship from files to users.
124#738172 by dereine: Fields rewritten to be links with just a fragment did not work.
125#694094 by Ian Ward: Allow more static caches to be resettable. (port by aspilicious)
126#811226 by dereine: Fix another notice in area text handler. (port by aspilicious)
127#917916 by MyXelf: break delimiter not removed from formatted output. (port by aspilicious)
128#918654 by Will White: numeric GROUP BY fields missing numeric format options.
129by dereine: Test for views_handler_filter_date.
130#785236 by e_log: Add aggregator field item id as a field.
131#366886 by Scott Reynolds: For "last comment time" if "count zero is empty" is set, use empty text for nodes with no comments.
132#611086 by dereine: add -url token to files that can fetch proper URLs with private filesystems.
133#635336 by dereine: Remove unused fields from views.
134#795270 by dereine: Remove unnecessary links to sections that will have no settings.
135#882800 by dereine: Move "Distinct" option to query settings.
136#755342 by jcmarco: Improve SQL date field handling.
137#338893 by dereine: Aggregator argument not always properly converted to title.
138#787184 introduce the long awaited "Update and Override" button.
139#718832 by dereine: Add file extension as a field available within the File group.
140#941974 by dereine: Use contextual links in the views ui when possible.
141#761102 by dereine: test: user default argument.
142by dereine: Fix notice in views_ui_add_page.
143#667950 by damZ, dereine: Port #dependency form elements to #states.
144Added missing file: modules/taxonomy/views_handler_filter_vocabulary_machine_name.inc
145#882800 by rszrama: Fix notice for options['distinct'].
146#950246 by ZoeN: Fix dbtng in views_handler_argument_aggregator_fid.
147#884730 by yched, bojanz, karenS, wundo: Add new UI for formatter settings options to the field settings config.
148by dereine: Add the dependeny ctools.
149#952576 by yhahn: Use JS_LIBRARY group for adding core library js files.
150#563020 by dereine: Replace views object cache with ctools object cache.
151#952636 by yhahn: Support string format identifiers in field_markup handler.
152#954030 by alweb: Fix title query in views_handler_argument_term_node_tid.
153#954784 by tekante: views_join class produces a SQL error when an array is in definition['extra']['value'].
154#962756 by bojanz: Field delta shows the placeholder instead of the field name.
155#667950 by merlinofchaos, bojanz and dereine: Revert the states patch and use ctools dependency instead.
156#960528 by dereine: Clicksort doesn't work for field names that contain special characters.
157by dereine: Document add_where for formula.
158by dereine: Fix notice in ajax.inc.
159#963382 by aidanlis: Fix typo in mathematical expression field help text.
160#807614 by dereine: Test filter_numeric.
161#928000 by mfer, dereine: form.js dependency missing.
162by dereine: Fix some notices.
163by dereine: Fix views_exposed_form test.
164by dereine: Move test files around.
165by dereine: Fix notice in group_by_numeric.
166by eporama: Add a test for views_plugin_argument_validate_user.
167#788950 by merlinofchaos, bojanz, dereine: Fixed ui when clicking override.
168#965432 by bojanz: Display column for single column fields, if that column is not "value".
169#965188 by Scott Reynolds: Remove comment.comment column, it does not exist in the database anymore.
170#969124 by brenk28: Fix notices in rss feeds related to readmore.
171#968286 by bojanz: Let field::render_as_link support entity url options.
172#967188 by Island Usurper: Fix exposed data submitted data.
173#954916 by becw: taxonomy term id from URL expects taxonomy objects in term fields, none present.
174#968372 by becw: "Taxonomy: Term" filter autocomplete broken.
175#971326 by dereine: Join fieldapi fields additional on deleted = 0.
176#713078 by achaux: Aggregator not properly using allowed tags from core.
177#428196 by dereine, funkmasterjones and tic2000: Allow specification of default sort order (asc or desc) per field in table style.
178#944680 by rvilar: Properly t() untranslated string.
179#881680 by brianV and longwave: Avoid unnecessary invoking of view objects for argument validation when no argument validation is necessary.
180#767244 by Magnus: Fix some untranslatable strings due to less than and greater than characters.
181#855280 by dereine: Exposed forms set "Input required" lose exposed sorts.
182#935388 by infojunkie: Add post_build and post_execute hooks similar to post_render.
183#973496 by das-peter: Don't use call-time-reference for comment_view.
184#938806 by jenlampton: Node: title field should link to node by default.
185#956654 by mdupont: Translation for "offset" field in dates needed work.
186#931390 by dww: Optimize boolean logic by using "= 1" rather than "<> 0" for faster queries.
187#567918 by iamjon: Improve documentation for token replacement.
188#881468 by longwave: Improve performance by static caching results of argument validation because menu likes to double validate things.
189#964266 by dereine: cache_expire() missing $type.
190#477984 by demeritcowboy, fatstar415, mike dodd, dagmar: Properly handle value for "empty" and "not empty" special operators.
191#768060 by EmmanueleQuinto, xjm, others: Make sure that render alter options do not accidentally get blown up for empty fields.
192#847724 by dereine: Allow jump menu "Summary" style to customize choose text, just like the regular summary style.
193#669636 by dereine and bojanz: Convert the rest of the field handlers that have link options to use the advanced render.
194#871578 by dereine: Comment "new" might not work right without a comment count field.
195#910864 by Bevan, dereine: exposed filter blocks should not be cached by core block caching.
196Remove unused/lost view::render_exposed_form.
197#776830: Fix pager settings on attachments and feeds.
198#835544 by iamjon: export broke if key contained an apostrophe.
199#941990 by master-of-magic: Link to node when using relationships could occasionally lose track and create bad links.
200#833790: Click sort could break on fields that were actually formulas.
201#963454 by dereine: Remove related terms data definitions.
202#976098 by dereine: Fix notice in field field handler render function.
203#626732 by dereine: Fix analyze ok-button and added a test for it.
204#338584 by superbaloo: Allow displays to be re-ordered in the UI.
205#502348: Move advanced rendering up the chain a little bit to allow for non-standard uses of fields, such as grouping, to use advanced rendering features.
206#943984 by Kars-T: Remove extraneous line of code.
207#751970 by dereine: View list form auto submit on change.
208#502348 followup.
209#977846 by dereine: Use ctools_process_dependency for table plugin. (follow up of #502348).
210#942106 by andypost: Fix converting from vid to vocabulary in taxonomy handlers.
211#870792 by bojanz: Options form needs to be re-rendered if it failed validation.
212#980628 by bojanz: Fix options-query in field::render_as_link.
213#979264 by pwolanin: Account for flipped comment status values in Drupal 7.
214#972864 by bec: Provide term relationship via taxonomy term reference fields.
215#979634 by linclark: Fix field grouping.
216#972934 by dereine: Fix Node: User posted or commented.
217by dereine: Preview shouldn't expect to have the sql plugin, always.
218#960596 by dereine: Argument in preview aren't escaped.
219#983166 by dereine: Rename $class to $classes in the table template file and write some updating documentation.
220#963372 by dereine: Add 'form_process_checkbox' to every checkbox which uses process 'ctools_dependent_process'.
221#979082 by dereine: Add 'form_process_select' to every select which uses process 'ctools_dependent_process'.
222#936196 by jmiccolis, yhahn, adrian, bojanz, dereine: Don't use entity_load for the fieldapi-field handler, but use real sql fields.
223by dereine: Fix notice in views_ui_preview().
224#965496 by ayalon: Update and Override broke validation of most views admin forms.
225#868990: Fix undefined call to $view->set_use_pager()
226#669636 followup by bojanz: Fix improper use of field_alias by row styles.
227#979046 by travist: Fix PHP 5.3 problem in views_access with no arguments.
228#978864 by linclark: Fix title bug with area handlers.
229#983460 by dereine: "Default sort" radio is in wrong column on table style settings.
230#783798 by dereine: GROUP BY can cause sort criteria to get incorrectly added to view.
231#357529 by nedjo, dddave, dagmar, dereine, yhahn, others: Implement plugin to handle translations of views configuration data.
232#983606 by jonathan1055: Breadcrumb disappears on bulk export results.
233#945034 by das-peter: Allow any kind of build_mode for node row style.
234#936196 by rszrama, das-peter, bojanz, dereine: Fix some bugs with the fieldapi field handler.
235#983272 by bojanz: Support click sorting for Field API fields.
236by dereine: Fix error in plugin_default_taxonomy_tid.
237#974542 by dereine: Use the same signature for pre_render in every handler.
238#988490 by dereine: Fix global view result counter.
239#740686 by dereine, dagmar: Integrate the functionality of Semantic Views (though it takes a significantly diffrent form).
240#988726 by yhahn: Use taxonomy_term_data 'format' column for description field.
241#988520 by dereine: Fix sql of date handler for offset.
242#952636 by yhahn, jmiccolis, dagmar, dereine: Support string format identifiers.
243#960810: Fixed merge error of semantic views patch.
244#769458 by anrikun: Fix double encoding of alt/title text on link rewriting.
245#318944 by dereine: Prevent warning in table view when user has no permission to view any fields.
246#416178 by dereine: Profile field checkboxes did not properly filter false values.
247#949526 by dereine: External database not used.
248#913688 by dereine: Fix feed icon path.
249#768802 by dereine: Allow sort by node language.
250#600742 by dagmar: Allow displays to be disabled.
251reported by swentel: Remove left over debugging dsm.
252#468484 by dereine: Filter by unread not relationship safe.
253#833790 redux by dereine: Make sure field actually exists.
254#607942 by dashton: Support "rel" attribute in link rewriting.
255#994014 by idflood: Add missing semicolon to node translation link handler.
256#909886: -Any- option shows up on boolean exposed filters even when not optional.
257#972934 by dereine: Fix sql of subquery of comment_user_uid argument handler.
258Follow up #607942, use ctools_dependent_process.
259#817360 by John Morahan: Have Analyze button warn if view has no access control.
260#898990 by dereine: Fix bad SQL generated on related terms relationship if no vocabularies selected.
261#833220 by dereine: Properly validate value on date filter.
262#910256 by dagmar: Add an - All - option to exposed items per page.
263#779668 by esteewhy: Fix not technically valid use of break statements.
264#909332 by dereine: Add col-first and col-last classes to grid style.
265#989092 by dereine: Semantic views integration broke grid view a little.
266#868972 by dereine: Add a "summary" attribute for accessibility on table and grid styles.
267#992174 by dereine: Add missing field handler aggregator_xss in the views.info file.
268by dereine: Fix fatal error in the field term_node_tid handler.
269#994856 by dereine: Replace views dependecy with ctools... again.
270by dereine: Replace _fake_instance in field field handler with a ctools helper function.
271#996634 by das-peter: Add missing rel to option_definition of the field handler.
272#610418 by joachim: Add handler descriptions to handler edit forms.
273#368687 by dereine: Allow a relationship from node revision to master node.
274#759082 by dereine: Prevent invalid argument warning with no relationships.
275#946368 by dereine: User argument default ignoring node author checkbox in some cases.
276#867636 by chromix: Give jump menu an option to set default value to current path.
277#997772 by dereine: Fix node_view_analyze by using dbtng and d7 role_permission database schema.
278#998278 by dereine: Update field.views.inc based on #986992.
279#998400 by das-peter: Use vocabulary in "term name converted to term id".
280#785036 by dereine and bojanz: Properly validate display IDs.
281#958312 by tim.plunkett: Exports could have extraneous whitespace when exported from other modules like features.
282#927270 by Cyberwolf: Allow the "options callback" for the in_operator filter handler to also have an "options argument" in the definition.
283#497936: Profile fields with dashes in their names cause bad queries.
284#608926 by Longwave: Remove unused theme("nodate") functionality.
285#993002 by alex_b, dereine: Fix notice in views_plugin_display_page.inc.
286#1000044 by pivica: Fix notice for element_type in some field handlers.
287#984390 by yhahn: Fix full pager variables.
288#972620 by dereine: Add an administrative title field for all handlers to make it more possible to distinguish similar fields from each other in the UI.
289#627378: Allow specifying that your module provides specialized views templates via hook_views_api.
290#627378 follow up: Remove debug calls.
291#1001442 by dboulet: Add classes/title text to contextual links.
292#999042 by bojanz: Remove the option to use the site mission for the RSS feed description, because drupal doesn't have this field anymore.
293#985602 by bblake, bojanz, dereine: Support slave server.
294by dereine: Fix views.info file.
295#987478 by bojanz: Let field field handler properly handle field language.
296#1002060 by troky: COMMENT_NODE_* constants have new names
297#996306 by alex_b: Respect 'edit terms in ' settings
298#987478 by bojanz: Fix some more edge cases in field field handler.
299#1003034 by das-peter: Use preg_slit instead of split.
300#905712 by dagmar: Add Published/Not published as text options to published field.
301#816354 by dereine: Provide a field to create administrative comments on displays.
302#1004596 by pillarsdotnet: Wrong usage of theme('image'...) in contact field handler.
303#1006088 by aspilicious: Remove unneeded files from .info file.
304#1005662 by troky: Change original hook to base hook in views hook_theme.
305#808016 by dereine: Clarify short/medium/long date formats.
306#829928 by gordon: Allow strip tags to get a list of tags to keep.
307#1004538 by ngmaloney, bojanz: Support timestamps before 1970 in views date sql.
308#522318 by dereine: Provide a "human readable" name for all Views.
309#1003112 by ralf: Add configure line to views_ui.info
310#118672: Allow an OR in filters by adding groups in the filter UI.
311by dereine: Add a test for field math, and fix the field math :)
312#1007036 by bojanz: Fix Node: Has new content filter.
313by dereine: Add a test for filter equality.
314by dereine: Add a test for field counter.
315#1007036 by dereine: Fix join condition for Node: Has new content filter.
316by dereine: Fix tests for detecting module template files.
317#1007730 by bojanz, merlinofchaos, dereine: Fix views_handler_filter_string, add tests and add a general placeholder method.
318#1006644 by bojanz, dereine: Allow field field handler to work with users.
319#759082 by dereine: Fix whitescreen due to incorrect relationship loop code.
320by dereine: Remove old comment about select::countQuery.
321#863478 by damz, dereine: Allow basic distinct support.
322#667950 by bec : Remove workaround for filter_numeric dependency.
323#1011266 by sime: Fix whitescreen due to changes in #759082.
324#1011220 by aspilicious: Auto-Generate View's Machine-Readable Name.
325#1001542 by mikeytown2: view::set_display() has wrong return code when it fails.
326#1011220 follow-up: Add missing point on machine_name.
327#722330 by dereine: Views should include core version for updates.
328#1008706 by dereine: Convert placeholders to new api.
329#807616 by damz, dereine: Remove views_handler_sort_formula and add a short entry in api-upgrading.html
330#873238 follow up by dereine: Remove adding cookie.js all the time. Ajax loading works now.
331#591302 by yhahn: Update ajax_view.js for ajax framework.
332#972638 by bojanz: Mini pager hasn't been ported.
333#1011334 by dereine: Exposed filters without input broke sql.
334#990088 by yhahn: Fix taxonomy integration by changing vid to nid for taxonomy_index.
335#1007466 by aspilicious, dereine: Provide a api function for adding complex queries: add_where_expression, add_having_condition.
336#1008170 by dereine: Fix views_handler_filter_groupby_numeric by using add_having_expression.
337#1013170 by das-peter: Fix broken view::preview which was broken on #1001542.
338#644008 by Cyberwolf and dereine: Allow access plugins access to arguments.
339#997424 by dereine: Use drupal_add_library instead of drupal_add_js where it's possible.
340#992704 by solotandem, bojanz, dereine: support to groupby entity_id.
341#970514 by moshe, dereine: Provide basic drush integration for views.
342#1015306 by dereine: Fix index in field_field.
343by solotandem: Make a better description for the group_type field in groupby form.
344#1015856 by solotandem: Eliminate PHP notices related to recent groupby changes.
345#1016058 by dereine: Fix string contain all words.
346#940316 by merlinofchaos: Allow to rescan template files from non-current themes.
347by mikejoconnor, dereine: Fix notice for exporting view->core.
348#1002744 by bojanz: Use entity_load for fieldapi field handlers.
349#957206 by dereine: Add missing views.info entry for aggregator iid argument handler.
350#1002744 by bojanz: Refactor views_field_field by renaming some variables/comments.
351by dereine: Bring vpr and views_debug back.
352#955464 by dereine: Fix glossary and many to one mode handler.
353#1016430 by bojanz: fix two small bugs in field_field handler.
354by dereine: Add $view->version to all default views.
3113c228 355#1006176 by das-peter, bojanz: Add support for field based translation.