Reverting revision 1.8 since that was committed along with the
[project/views.git] / CHANGELOG.txt
5e776425 1CHANGELOG for Views 2 for Drupal 6
2 Bug fixes:
3 o Table style when not overriding sorts put sorts in wrong order.
a964e26c 4 o #488908 by sl27257: "Node: Has new content" only worked when exposed.
5 o #451110 by wonder95: Fixed missing word in transform case help text.
6 o #385904 by JirkaRybka: Prevent duplication of id edit-submit on views exposed form.
7 o #489888 by TheRec: Remove erroneous "alt" attribute from <a> when using link rewriting.
8 o #499078 by Darren Oh: Make sure theme is initialized for pre_render hook.
9 o #490516 by v_20q: Some fields not properly being marked as translatable due to option unpacking bug.
10 o #484222 by dereine: Attachment displays were ignoring access settings.
11 o #503098 by Davide Goode: Feed displays should have link displays since they link to a page display.
12 o #381346 by ayalon: Allow Taxonomy: Tid as a field, which is now needed for rewrites which may need tids.
13 o #485296 by overall and deekayen: Remove unnecessary t() call.
14 o #460838 by Darren Oh: Make DISTINCT more distinct.
15 o #503774 by dereine: Cache time failed to return the proper cutoff time.
5008f438 16 o #506098: Table sorting with no default was overriding sorts even tho it was not supposed to.
17 o #407538: Ensure views_break_phrase() will stop providing warnings on empty strings.
18 o #420850 by dereine: Commas should not be used to separate items in a profile list field.
19 o #482162 by agentrickard: link path needed further sanitization to properly encode special characters.
20 o Tables would not accept 0 as having data so columns with zeroes would lose data when merging with other columns.
21 o #529164: Fatal typo in profile list field.
a964e26c 22
23 Other changes:
24 o Implement a post_render hook (for themes too) and cache method.
25 o #501552 by neclimdul: Work around a core bug with DISTINCT on nodes.
26 o #430068 by overall and aclight: Improvements to the global "counter" field.
27 o #492002 by iterato: Allow "target" specification in field linking.
28 o #466454 by neclimdul: PHP strict fixes.
29 o Can now directly add a taxonomy term relationship to nodes, allowing more control by vocabulary.
30 o #472194: !1 can now be used with field rewriting to get the raw argument.
31 o #480162: Fields row style now contains option to hide empty fields.
32 o #433318: Special handling for empty fields, allowing them to avoid rewriting and not be displayed.
5a0806c8 33
c7e8b287 34Views 2.6
35 Bugs fixed:
36 o #419226 by kelvincool: Respect admin theme during views ajax operations.
3f7f4499 37 o #419270 by voxpelli: set_where_group() could fail if no previous groups.
7b39a2ba 38 o #422054 by yhahn: Protect exports from impropertly indenting multiline strings.
56848600 39 o #437070 by mikeryan: Base table formerly limited to 32 characters.
6ae5e302 40 o #317271 by quicksketch: ensure_my_table() limited to one relationship per table.
13b9165c 41 o #441520 by jonathan1055: Allow the "time ago" date format to work on future dates as well.
744743c9 42 o #445398 by casey: reduce_value_options() using wrong value array.
c6d7372f 43 o #451370 by skwashd: base.js had some DOS line endings.
ddd56a7b 44 o #454754 by dww: Fix PGSQL related errors with comment author filtering.
bc0d6f3b 45 o #384286 by dww: Make it possible to expose the filter for "Node: Has new content"
bb87eb5e 46 o #463634 by alienbrain: "Empty field name" incorrectly specified.
faf39d24 47 o #463580 by ximo: AJAX summary links broken in some displays.
a63c53c0 48 o #468336 by psynaptic: Fix broken hook_views_admin_links_alter
e40d2159 49 o #422868 by mattman: Breadcrumbs not properly substuting % replacements.
d0c656ac 50 o #440676 by dereine and Razorraser: View import form crashed on empty view input.
181aa16c 51 o #461842 by dereine: Use gmtime() instead of format_date() to prevent localization of dates in RSS feeds.
ae4f31f3 52 o #316556 by darrenoh and JirkaRybka: More 1.x upgrade fixes.
86d269bf 53 o #382398 by elcuco: Force LTR in the views admin.
7f7a63e9 54 o #461144: Fix trimming to correctly remove tags when they are trimmed in half.
3a62d744 55 o #330956: Theme: Information only scanned information from the default theme.
4bf66044 56 o SA-CONTRIB-2009-037: Filter checkboxes could be displayed unfiltered allowing XSS attacks.
116233f4 57
58 Other changes:
59 o #298616: Add argument for node updated time similar to node created time.
91eba642 60 o #325607 by bangpound: Automatically sort exports from bulk export.
5a0806c8 61 o #323049 by yched: Allow Empty/Not Empty on select many to one.
a6d44eab 62 o #340701 by swentel: Restore allowing Views to set block caching mode.
caa29a1a 63 o #347892 by dww: Allow <any> option in Boolean filters.
53d93a1e 64 o #358314 by brmassa: Catch the exposed filter form so it doesn't process twice on a single view.
ccca435e 65 o #154865 by Zack Rosen, josh_k and KarenS: Allow user contact form as a field.
e03437d8 66 o #411880 by fgm: Add "options callback" to items using in_operator handler.
0b92c1ce 67 o #360657 by yhahn: new hook_views_default_views_alter().
aae33021 68 o #430068 by dereine: New global counter field for displaying row number.
69 o #420340 by derine: Translate node type filter.
70 o #325796 by yang_yi_cn: Translate node type argument.
71c3cbce 71 o #446726 by yhahn: Improved performance for js dependencies.
f314f0d5 72 o #437760 by leeneman: Remove duplicate terms from taxonomy term argument title.
85e4137a 73 o #354270 by dereine: Allow "tag" to be added to the theme template suggestions.
b9d5b355 74 o #408180 by joachim: Allow taxonomy term parent argument.
55ae5876 75 o #469456 by dereine: Automatically give .info file during views bulk export.
94437166 76 o #424460 by thePanz: Customizable breadcrumb title for arguments.
c84f5950 77 o #436398 by Pasqualle: Support for aggregator category table.
142b02ee 78 o #424648 by quicksketch and dereine: Allow format selection on filesize field.
29745c93 79 o #478312 by yhahn: Provide specific node access filter.
ae6e1590 80 o #479878 by dereine: User language field.
84536563 81 o #468824 by eaton: Pluggable caching mechanism which can cache both the query result and rendered result.
a2dd7993 82 o #399534 by clemens.tolboom and drewish: Add fragment and query string as options when making fields into links.
2790f565 83 o #315915 by dixon_: Add another base row class to rows.
af77cc64 84 o #353403 by agentrickard: Field to provide "more" text.
f53e66d0 85 o #377896 by dereine: When ticked "link to node" show node title as a href title attribute.
94fa4c5b 86 o #386098 by dereine: Add "watchdog" as a debug logging options.
2ef7bd19 87 o #409428 by gpk: Missing field: node input format.
8e27beaa 88 o #271833 by grugnog, agentrickard and others: Taxonomy depth in filter.
4ab73d53 89
a1a36a14 90Views 2.5
91 Bugs fixed:
92 o #363817 by thePanz: Empty fields in table could still trigger separators.
2038b719 93 o #388952 by Ensure taxonomy term validator sets the validated title when available.
2d4a7d16 94 o #392176: Trim on word boundary would stop at newlines.
4f2b8396 95 o #415706 by dww: Fix broken relationship in search that caused SQL error.
3b95d2c1 96 o #428742 by fralenuvol: Fix broken relationship causing sql error with multiple taxonomy term arguments.
87e2c059 97 o #428102 with help from deviantintegral: Broken option_definition() causes warnings.
2038b719 98
99 Other changes:
100 o #379382 by neochief: Add option to strip tags during advanced rendering.
7eb44ff2 101 o #400914 by joachim: Add a link field to get to comments for a node that works just like the normal links.
90d0a482 102 o #402650 by drewish: Bulk export views alphabetically by view name.
10146edb 103 o #349157 by yched: Support CCK build modes in node style.
42807b8b 104
b2ee08a1 105Views 2.4
0f121a28 106 Bugs fixed:
107 o #371466 by dereine: Fix incorrect link to comments.
108 o #371923 by noahb: Summaries could be distinct even when they should not be.
109 o #368764: Fix User ID validator to actually have proper dependencies.
110 o #375342 by dww: node_comment_statistics should be INNER joined because there is always 1:1 reference.
111 o #372959: Archive view should not use AJAX by default.
112 o #373155: Not clearing "many to one" data breaks some attachment displays.
113 o #375000 by elcuco: View name should always be LTR.
114 o #378534 by dww: Validators do not fire if argument === 0 due to PHP loose type conversions.
115 o #378164 by yched: Unexposed taxonomy filter could accidentally stop working.
116 o #371923 by David_Rothstein: Another DISTINCT fix related to summaries.
117 o #365831 by tomiyana: Fix typos in help.
118 o #357368 by Pasquale: schema descriptions should not be translated.
119 o #379602 by dww: Add a second "time ago" variant to dates to allow NOT printing the word "ago".
120 o #379354 by neochief: Add an extra regex to remove mangled HTML entities in output rewriting.
121 o #362830: Search was mostly broken, especially score but also searching on multiple terms.
122 o #350376 by pfournier: Missing "return" statement caused certain argument date validation to fail.
123 o #364082 by hass: Unique key missing on views_view table.
124 o #366250 by sirkitree: Fix deprecated jquery selectors so we can work with jquery 1.2.6 as well as 1.3.2.
125 o #386986: 2 or more relationships could block a normal table from being added.
126 o #371219 by aclight: Incorrect logic in views_many_to_one_helper::ensure_my_table()
127 o #376570 by yhahn: Better AJAX scrolling.
128 o #412576 by yhahn: Restore missing views_handler_filter_float class.
2b71b86c 129 o #378710: Add strip_tags() to path when displaying a field as a link as a path can never have HTML in it.
bb8a2d4b 130 o #380560: UI could suddenly cause errors with get_handlers() in certain situations with relationships.
e771c1df 131 o #342215: Occasional "holes" could appear in taxonomy term field causing query errors when relationship is used but not present.
af918e71 132 o #414074 by dereine: Prevent fields becoming not editable by having just spaces in them in the Views UI.
37cef70d 133 o #378724: Displaying uploaded files as a link accidentally made the entire field a link rather than each one.
6b367723 134 o #415672 by yhahn: Views inadvertently rounds negative numbers down instead of up when truncating.
2ad5fbc8 135 o #408414 by rb7: Prevent empty links with the "has new comments" field.
f9c05d95 136 o #406680 by BŁke Beyond: Missing clear-block caused problems in IE for Views UI.
016d2e05 137 o #373771 by dropcube: Fix missing aggregator feed trying to use non-existing handlers.
ccbdf504 138 o #341960 by sun: Clean up dependent.js javascript declarations which potentially caused .js errors.
5cb0a30e 139 o #372227: On Debian etch, tables would lose fields due to PHP bug.
673a6d20 140
141 Other changes:
142 o #375182 by vaish: Allow a reset parameter to views_get_all_views().
143 o #356276 by nedjo: Locale support.
144 o #316556 by Darren Oh: Better Views 1.x upgrades.
145 o #383242 by dww: Allow - Any - instead of <Any> as an option in the Views tools menu.
146 o #303800 by KarenS: Additional dashes to spaces option in taxonomy argument validator.
147 o #327366 by yched: Allow row styles to follow relationships too.
148 o #405130 by dereine: Make the output field rewrite a textfield rather than textarea.
150Views 2.3
151 Bugs fixed:
f3085312 152 o #349739: Fix arguments not getting transmitted to attachment displays properly.
2b617b9f 153 o #354707: Display attachment happened too early preventing default arguments from passing to the attachment.
9299118b 154 o #277321 by nedjo: Use AJAX properly supports summaries in attachments.
155 o #291292 by sammys (reroll by jaydub): Proper use of DISTINCT on summary views on pgsql.
156 o #291079 by sammys (reroll by jaydub): Fix use of GROUP BY on pgsql.
c0215efe 157 o #295246 by webchick: Wrong table type on views object cache caused truncation of cached data and mysterious errors on large views.
01ea2a43 158 o #315007 by Garrett Albright, Paul Kishimoto and catch: Take into account page count when using comment new link.
60eaa7a9 159 o #317562 by ingaro: Wrong date format for PGSQL.
38b73283 160 o #327604 by mr.baileys: Fix improper use of multibyte library when mb library unavailable.
07ae4130 161 o #335926 by sapark and drewish: "January, 2009" should be "January 2009".
c4a4792b 162 o #341263 by cdale: Prevent exposed filter forms from processing during batch operations.
7692f937 163 o #342322 by drewish: Correct label for translation status.
7626a8e0 164 o #343223 by alienbrain: Ensure path before join.
1e376570 165 o #343284 by andypost: Fix odd/even reversed in table style compared to Drupal core.
8a42e1af 166 o #345545 by mfb: Correct occasional Drupal.settings related javascript error.
2099b846 167 o #345546: Fix Node: Created day argument off by 1 error.
406f3972 168 o #345707 by aries: Do not display breadcrumb link if no link text.
efd1ec4f 169 o #355939 by yhager: Fix missing comment GUID in comment RSS style.
713e4641 170 o #321332 with help from brahms: views_handler_field_markup only worked if format was named "format".
d4a64312 171 o #348322 by Darren Oh: Fix missing /code in api plugins help.
7d9c3e95 172 o #353090 by eaton: RSS feeds were not using all of the Drupal hooks to ensure full compatibility with core feeds.
3fd0978c 173 o #293832 by drewish: Allow menu items to have administrative description.
6a073d51 174 o #345528: Mini-pager generated invalid HTML with empty li tags.
3f08d56a 175 o #351745: Exposed taxonomy term autocomplete filter failed if term existed in multiple vocabularies.
7e804dbd 176 o #353002: tracker view had wrong argument and was not picking up comments by the selected user.
9f36926a 177 o Case sensitivity on string filter checkmark was backward.
b167f70c 178 o #355919: views_theme() needed to include plugin theme files to detect functions.
79ba0a1f 179 o #353515: Many characters could get incorrectly translated in exposed filters combined with ajax tablesorting.
c37c7479 180 o #359818: Delete button should say Revert when reverting a view to default.
181 o #359132 by grugnog: CSS files should be marked conditional so they don't impact the CSS cache.
182 o #360637: Extra slash in theme includes could cause some systems to fail.
6f83d3c2 183 o #363081: Disabled views could still provide blocks.
298c9da0 184 o #366666 by Deadmonk also yched: File size field should not try to print a size on NULL values.
16235c25 185 o #367203: Improper caching of default views caused incomplete handlers that could WSOD.
252c48dc 186 o #365283: views_handler_filter_ncs_last_updated improperly registered causing fatal errors trying to use it.
11957a68 187 o #365712: select list exposed filters were trying to limit to list when selecting "All" even when "limit" was not selected.
4d359297 188 o #357196 by Grugnog: hook_views_pre_view not getting $display_id sent properly.
190 Other changes:
9cc08650 191 o #288801 by drewish and eaton: Aggregator item support! Make views of feeds!
f0318253 192 o #335647 by markus_petrux: Add memory and a reset button to the Views list page.
55708b83 193 o #343047 by alienbrain: Allow all handlers to participate in view validation.
64b8ca74 194 o #339223 by greggles: Allow taxonomy term tid to be sortable.
fe47ec93 195 o #324378 by eigentor: CSS improvements to the view list page.
287aacb5 196 o #354736 by Shai: Clarification on exposed filter text.
d8c64e8b 197 o #364637 by moshe and dww: Allow preprocessors to add row classes to table style.
e51893e7 198 o #349178 by agentrickard: Add generic link handling plus a custom text field. Also automatic trimming.
ed484da5 199 o #368234 by dww and neclimdul: Allow the "Anonymous" user to have a different (or no) name in User: name field.
a8fc8590 200 o #368754 by dww: User ID validator, with role testing.
21e2010f 201 o #369505 by dww: Add helper function to get the value of a view argument.
202 o #353002 by neclimdul: Provide a filter for user posted or commented on to complement the argument with the same functionality.
204 2.3 API Notes:
205 A minor change in the API now requires that styles that render fields MUST
206 render them in order, first by row and then by field ID. Not doing so will
207 cause the token expansion to fail.
b2ee08a1 209Views 2.2
856b57cd 210 Bugs fixed:
211 o #305756: Number formatting caused illogical rounding.
212 o #324272 by neochief: hook_pre_render never called.
213 o #324058: Broken queries created by string values in multiple fields.
214 o #324726: "tag" fields should be autocomplete in View edit.
215 o #324058 by yched: Make aliases safer for many to one tables.
216 o #325765: Prevent key merge errors on query::add_where and query::add_having.
217 o #324378: Minor usability improvements to the list page.
218 o #326934: Need another check to make sure already added aliases do not get blown away.
219 o #324513: If a relationship table was added more than 1 hop away from the base, SQL errors resulted.
220 o #326129 by mindgame: Not between operator did not function.
221 o #326198: != mistakenly typod as = (display only)
222 o #326379: Provide a default title for the archive view.
223 o #327151: Add filter for node_counter.timestamp.
224 o #327113: Clean up error text when display will not validate.
225 o #307287: (Panels related) view::preview() would override previously set arguments if no arguments were sent.
226 o #321589: Comment template preprocessor misnamed so it would not fire.
227 o #329746: Comment rendering in the node row style was not working.
228 o #321109: view::destroy() needs to unset current_display or future init_displays won't work.
229 o #325115: If the block description is not set, show the display title as well as the view name in block administration.
230 o #327604 by henrrrik: should use multibyte string functions.
231 o #328933 by cmyers: views_handler_filter_date fails to use exposed operator.
232 o #332568 by Moonshine: Correct views performance timers.
233 o #332679 by yched: render_link() does not check for empty data.
234 o #333593: Incorrect reference to non-existent views_handler_join in help/api-tables.html.
235 o #334337 by miro_dietiker: Documentation clarification for arguments, blocks and PHP Code plugins.
236 o #336456 by dww: Date filter had trouble with NULL operators.
237 o #336125 by nedjo: Missing filter for node translation.
238 o #337360: Menu selection causes crash if menu module not active.
239 o #339295 by katbailey: AJAX paging could fail with the same view in multiple tabs.
240 o #339676 by nedjo: Source translation had wrong filter handler.
241 o #340002 by hass: Allow the "Add display" button to wrap for translations whose phrase is longer.
242 o #340033 by pancho: Clearer wording on some field help texts.
243 o #340515: views_perm() was incorrectly views_ui_perm().
244 o #330897: Invalid displays causing 'path' lookup to crash.
245 o #339674 by nedjo: Translation code cleanup.
246 o #341897: views_perm() mistakenly declared in views_ui.module.
248 Other changes:
249 o Reorganize the analysis code into to make it easier for people to find the code and use it externally.
250 o #298884 by neclimdul: Requested missing filter to filter for whether a user has a picture or not.
251 o #336531 by dww: Set boolean filter to not use a checkbox which is lesser UI.
252 o #338632 by drewish: Remove use of format_rss_channel and use proper templating instead.
253 o #326034 by yched: Allow short names in admin summaries via new "title short" definition.
254 o #335613 by swentel: Add hook_views_api() setting to bulk export.
255 o #339707 by nedjo: Add filter to show child translations.
256 o #284768 by drewish: Proper templates for RSS feeds rather than format_rss_item().
259Views 2.1
260 Bugs fixed:
261 o #322862: 1.0037 debug code left in.
262 o #322908: README.txt update.
263 o #323014 by yched: Typo in exposed filter text.
264 o #323033: Using empty/is not empty in string/numeric filters caused notices.
265 o #322874 by yched: Errors in summary for some filters.
266 o #323282: Taxonomy term default choice handled incorrectly.
267 o #323318: Exposed taxonomy term failed if not set force single.
269Views 2.0
270 o First 2.0 official release
5e1c96d4 271