#364637 by moshe and dww: Allow preprocessors to add row classes to table style.
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5e776425 1CHANGELOG for Views 2 for Drupal 6
18aae9e5 2
3Views 2.0
4 o First 2.0 official release
18aae9e5 5
6Views 2.1
7 Bugs fixed:
8 o #322862: 1.0037 debug code left in.
9 o #322908: README.txt update.
cdf7adf9 10 o #323014 by yched: Typo in exposed filter text.
0e5d92f0 11 o #323033: Using empty/is not empty in string/numeric filters caused notices.
bd192632 12 o #322874 by yched: Errors in summary for some filters.
827b7e26 13 o #323282: Taxonomy term default choice handled incorrectly.
dfa5055b 14 o #323318: Exposed taxonomy term failed if not set force single.
16Views 2.2
17 Bugs fixed:
18 o #305756: Number formatting caused illogical rounding.
5d4e29b8 19 o #324272 by neochief: hook_pre_render never called.
939945f2 20 o #324058: Broken queries created by string values in multiple fields.
21 o #324726: "tag" fields should be autocomplete in View edit.
22 o #324058 by yched: Make aliases safer for many to one tables.
23 o #325765: Prevent key merge errors on query::add_where and query::add_having.
4774531d 24 o #324378: Minor usability improvements to the list page.
96d9c703 25 o #326934: Need another check to make sure already added aliases do not get blown away.
b20f5916 26 o #324513: If a relationship table was added more than 1 hop away from the base, SQL errors resulted.
db30517e 27 o #326129 by mindgame: Not between operator did not function.
8fa40757 28 o #326198: != mistakenly typod as = (display only)
e905a151 29 o #326379: Provide a default title for the archive view.
6041f865 30 o #327151: Add filter for node_counter.timestamp.
673a6d20 31 o #327113: Clean up error text when display will not validate.
32 o #307287: (Panels related) view::preview() would override previously set arguments if no arguments were sent.
33 o #321589: Comment template preprocessor misnamed so it would not fire.
003da250 34 o #329746: Comment rendering in the node row style was not working.
2fac5e0e 35 o #321109: view::destroy() needs to unset current_display or future init_displays won't work.
83430ca7 36 o #325115: If the block description is not set, show the display title as well as the view name in block administration.
ef3e937a 37 o #327604 by henrrrik: should use multibyte string functions.
16b517e6 38 o #328933 by cmyers: views_handler_filter_date fails to use exposed operator.
ef3e937a 39 o #332568 by Moonshine: Correct views performance timers.
c3f56c85 40 o #332679 by yched: render_link() does not check for empty data.
06e917ef 41 o #333593: Incorrect reference to non-existent views_handler_join in help/api-tables.html.
a0749b5d 42 o #334337 by miro_dietiker: Documentation clarification for arguments, blocks and PHP Code plugins.
8812ab84 43 o #336456 by dww: Date filter had trouble with NULL operators.
9258cd02 44 o #336125 by nedjo: Missing filter for node translation.
691bb821 45 o #337360: Menu selection causes crash if menu module not active.
08c692e3 46 o #339295 by katbailey: AJAX paging could fail with the same view in multiple tabs.
b1618616 47 o #339676 by nedjo: Source translation had wrong filter handler.
4a346f1a 48 o #340002 by hass: Allow the "Add display" button to wrap for translations whose phrase is longer.
fa00c800 49 o #340033 by pancho: Clearer wording on some field help texts.
fe88fbe6 50 o #340515: views_perm() was incorrectly views_ui_perm().
ca61ee90 51 o #330897: Invalid displays causing 'path' lookup to crash.
5007ba6d 52 o #339674 by nedjo: Translation code cleanup.
a293e913 53 o #341897: views_perm() mistakenly declared in views_ui.module.
55 Other changes:
8812ab84 56 o Reorganize the analysis code into analyze.inc to make it easier for people to find the code and use it externally.
57 o #298884 by neclimdul: Requested missing filter to filter for whether a user has a picture or not.
58 o #336531 by dww: Set boolean filter to not use a checkbox which is lesser UI.
59 o #338632 by drewish: Remove use of format_rss_channel and use proper templating instead.
60 o #326034 by yched: Allow short names in admin summaries via new "title short" definition.
48f31b91 61 o #335613 by swentel: Add hook_views_api() setting to bulk export.
79c49788 62 o #339707 by nedjo: Add filter to show child translations.
63 o #284768 by drewish: Proper templates for RSS feeds rather than format_rss_item().
65Views 2.3
66 Bugs fixed:
f3085312 67 o #349739: Fix arguments not getting transmitted to attachment displays properly.
2b617b9f 68 o #354707: Display attachment happened too early preventing default arguments from passing to the attachment.
9299118b 69 o #277321 by nedjo: Use AJAX properly supports summaries in attachments.
70 o #291292 by sammys (reroll by jaydub): Proper use of DISTINCT on summary views on pgsql.
71 o #291079 by sammys (reroll by jaydub): Fix use of GROUP BY on pgsql.
c0215efe 72 o #295246 by webchick: Wrong table type on views object cache caused truncation of cached data and mysterious errors on large views.
01ea2a43 73 o #315007 by Garrett Albright, Paul Kishimoto and catch: Take into account page count when using comment new link.
60eaa7a9 74 o #317562 by ingaro: Wrong date format for PGSQL.
38b73283 75 o #327604 by mr.baileys: Fix improper use of multibyte library when mb library unavailable.
07ae4130 76 o #335926 by sapark and drewish: "January, 2009" should be "January 2009".
c4a4792b 77 o #341263 by cdale: Prevent exposed filter forms from processing during batch operations.
7692f937 78 o #342322 by drewish: Correct label for translation status.
7626a8e0 79 o #343223 by alienbrain: Ensure path before join.
1e376570 80 o #343284 by andypost: Fix odd/even reversed in table style compared to Drupal core.
8a42e1af 81 o #345545 by mfb: Correct occasional Drupal.settings related javascript error.
2099b846 82 o #345546: Fix Node: Created day argument off by 1 error.
406f3972 83 o #345707 by aries: Do not display breadcrumb link if no link text.
efd1ec4f 84 o #355939 by yhager: Fix missing comment GUID in comment RSS style.
713e4641 85 o #321332 with help from brahms: views_handler_field_markup only worked if format was named "format".
d4a64312 86 o #348322 by Darren Oh: Fix missing /code in api plugins help.
7d9c3e95 87 o #353090 by eaton: RSS feeds were not using all of the Drupal hooks to ensure full compatibility with core feeds.
3fd0978c 88 o #293832 by drewish: Allow menu items to have administrative description.
6a073d51 89 o #345528: Mini-pager generated invalid HTML with empty li tags.
3f08d56a 90 o #351745: Exposed taxonomy term autocomplete filter failed if term existed in multiple vocabularies.
7e804dbd 91 o #353002: tracker view had wrong argument and was not picking up comments by the selected user.
9f36926a 92 o Case sensitivity on string filter checkmark was backward.
b167f70c 93 o #355919: views_theme() needed to include plugin theme files to detect functions.
79ba0a1f 94 o #353515: Many characters could get incorrectly translated in exposed filters combined with ajax tablesorting.
96 Other changes:
9cc08650 97 o #288801 by drewish and eaton: Aggregator item support! Make views of feeds!
f0318253 98 o #335647 by markus_petrux: Add memory and a reset button to the Views list page.
55708b83 99 o #343047 by alienbrain: Allow all handlers to participate in view validation.
64b8ca74 100 o #339223 by greggles: Allow taxonomy term tid to be sortable.
fe47ec93 101 o #324378 by eigentor: CSS improvements to the view list page.
102 o #354736 by Shai: Clarification on exposed filter text.
103 o #364637 by moshe and dww: Allow preprocessors to add row classes to table style.