2006-11-09 Earl MilesAllow $arg to work in the first position 4.7.x-1.0
2006-11-06 Earl Miles93278: views RSS feeds shouldnt take over page in a...
2006-10-16 Earl MilesCorrection for taxonomy_term_path patch
2006-10-09 Earl MilesRemoving drupal_set_message which somehow reappeared?
2006-10-08 Earl MilesFix for empty RSS feeds
2006-10-08 Earl Miles82801: use taxonomy_term_path instead of hardcoding...
2006-10-08 Earl MilesAdd "not" option to nid argument
2006-10-08 Earl Miles78992: documentation fix about arguments
2006-10-08 Earl Miles83174: fix rare month off by 1 err
2006-10-08 Earl Miles84158: taxonomy security fix
2006-10-08 Earl Miles84331: use double quote instead of single quote so...
2006-10-08 Earl Miles84580: Node ID as a field
2006-10-08 Earl MilesRemove extraneous ? on feed URLs
2006-10-08 Earl Miles85462: views_rss needs global for $locale
2006-10-08 Earl Miles85605: _views_construct_header() needs $fields to be...
2006-10-08 Earl MilesCorrect longstanding error where it says 0 will cause...
2006-10-08 Earl Miles74713 by fago: Fix for taxonomy exclusion
2006-10-08 Earl Miles87783 for 4.7 version
2006-10-07 Earl MilesFix for unnecessary taxonomy_depth
2006-10-02 Earl MilesFix for removed _views_handle_field in
2006-09-26 Earl MilesRemoved errant debug msg
2006-09-17 Earl MilesREADME update on 4.6 -> 4.7 upgrade
2006-09-14 Earl Miles83978 unserialized string being displayed for profile...
2006-09-13 Earl MilesSwitching out tango icons for gnome icons
2006-09-11 Earl MilesFixed missing (relatively new) argument in the theme...
2006-09-11 Earl Miles83383 from KarenS: Allow views summary to be specified...
2006-09-07 Earl Milesmore check_plain on arguments to ensure safety.
2006-09-07 Earl MilesFix t() errors in views_ui
2006-09-07 Earl MilesAllow block types to have table headers
2006-09-07 Earl Milesfeed selector by default in frontpage view
2006-09-07 Earl MilesPatch by inactivist to fix more link in popular content...
2006-09-07 Earl
2006-09-07 Earl MilesMore yched cleanup
2006-09-07 Earl MilesCleanup patch by yched
2006-09-07 Earl MilesFor Certain fix of theme wizard with no iews bug
2006-09-07 Earl Milesallow dates of 0 to have an alternate string using...
2006-09-07 Earl Miles2 fixes for things I broke last night
2006-09-07 Earl MilesFix typo in views_add_field
2006-09-07 Earl MilesAdd theme_view function
2006-09-07 Earl MilesRemove % from "is equal to" in views_handler_filter_like
2006-09-07 Earl MilesFix for PostGres ordering issue
2006-09-07 Earl MilesCorrect erroneous theme_user_picture call
2006-09-07 Earl MilesAdd a div; patch by seanr
2006-09-07 Earl MilesFix for menu tab weights
2006-09-07 Earl Milespatch for 74505 fix for NOR queries with taxonomy....
2006-09-07 Earl MilesFix typo in last patch
2006-09-07 Earl Milespatch by joshk to add an new argument default option...
2006-09-07 Earl MilesSome t() fixes from anarcat
2006-09-07 Earl Miles75879 -- fixed broken buttons; may cause other form_alt...
2006-09-07 Earl MilesRemoved a little cruft
2006-09-07 Earl Milessomething left off last commit
2006-09-07 Earl MilesImproved field overriding + theme wizard support!
2006-09-07 Earl MilesDirect link to node field
2006-09-07 Earl MilesAdd some extra comment stuff. Finally fixed the last...
2006-09-07 Earl MilesMenu cleanup from 71943. Have the few record how many...
2006-09-07 Earl MilesFix a bug with node title links; allow filters to hang...
2006-09-07 Earl MilesFavor page title over block title in menu context ...
2006-09-07 Earl MilesFix for 71587 -- listboxes have no size property
2006-09-07 Earl MilesRequire "access content" to access all views, since...
2006-09-07 Earl MilesFix for 51537 -- allow taxonomy terms to not be links
2006-09-07 Earl MilesPatch 68047 by dopry (with some fixes) -- allow usernam...
2006-09-03 Earl MilesSome data updates primarily for files; also allow node...
2006-09-01 Earl MilesBody filter patch by goodtod -- 75561
2006-08-28 Earl MilesFix $arg text issue
2006-08-28 Earl MilesTwo more require_once fixes for PHP5
2006-08-27 Earl MilesFix for 80994 -- PHP5 doesn't like loading modules...
2006-08-25 Earl MilesDont display feed icon on blocks
2006-08-25 Earl MilesFix for RSS titling, maybe
2006-08-07 David LesieurAdded Spanish translation by Sol Denot and Sebastien...
2006-08-05 archetwistpolish translation (early, incomplete version)
2006-08-04 Earl MilesPossible fix for MySQL 5 error
2006-08-04 Earl Milesfix translation error, reported by mosh
2006-07-30 Earl MilesFix theme wizard from sploding if there are no views
2006-07-28 moshe weitzman#74659 RSS argument items in wrong sort order. patch...
2006-07-27 Antoine Beaupréafter consulting with merlinofchaos, update french...
2006-07-26 Antoine Beaupréadd french translation for all HEAD strings
2006-07-24 Earl MilesFix postgres comma problem that's been here for awhile...
2006-07-12 Earl MilesSome expansion to the theme wizard
2006-06-25 Earl MilesPatch 70739 by eaton: Allow wildcard specifier on argum...
2006-06-25 Earl MilesFixing typo with view teasers.
2006-06-25 Earl MilesInitial commit of the views theme wizard
2006-06-25 Earl Milesviews_rss.module
2006-06-24 Earl MilesReorganized titles to work more logically. This behavio...
2006-06-24 Earl MilesAdded to plugin calls, fixed a bug with * and made...
2006-06-24 Earl Milesvalidation patch by Tobias Maier
2006-06-24 Earl MilesUpdated views RSS + feed selector. Default taxonomy...
2006-06-24 Earl Milesadd page needs $template to default to NULL
2006-06-24 Earl MilesIntegration of feeds into Views
2006-06-24 Earl Milesfix to views_get_url that...well I dont know how anythi...
2006-06-24 Earl MilesClone view button
2006-06-24 Earl MilesAdding support for upload.module -- from Gordon
2006-06-24 Earl MilesSuperfluous fix in case ->roles is empty.
2006-06-24 Earl Milesdocumentation fix from jjeff
2006-06-24 Earl Milessmall fix for LIKE query
2006-06-24 Earl MilesFix for vocabulary filtering
2006-06-24 Earl MilesPostgres install fixes
2006-06-24 Earl Milesuse return instead of drupal_goto in submits
2006-06-23 Earl MilesPatch 66161 by killes to fix no-value-selected issues.
2006-06-23 Earl MilesRemove extraneous hard-sort on popular_Recent
2006-06-23 Earl MilesRemove extraneous dprint