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last changeTue, 25 Mar 2014 11:41:27 +0000
2014-03-25 Karen StevensonSwitch while to foreach and remove the addition of... 7.x-1.x 7.x-1.1
2014-03-02 Karen StevensonMake sure null values work correctly, also be sure...
2014-02-15 Karen StevensonIssue #1567108 by ssoulless, fix some notices
2014-02-15 Karen StevensonIssue #1868900 by a.milkovsky, Make sure the right...
2014-02-15 Karen StevensonAdjustments to make sure fields used more than once...
2014-02-14 Karen StevensonIssue #8342915 by korgik, Better handling for relationships
2013-04-06 Karen StevensonIssue #1885048, Remove extra $.
2013-04-06 Karen StevensonIssue #1548552, Make sure a row_index always exists.
2012-06-11 Karen StevensonIssue #1627660, Make sure that a groupby is added when...
2012-05-28 Karen StevensonMake sure that Views Calc uses the current display.
2012-05-21 Karen StevensonUpdate CHANGELOG.txt
2012-05-21 Karen StevensonUpdate CHANGELOG.txt 7.x-1.0
2012-05-21 Karen StevensonUpdate CHANGELOG.txt
2012-05-21 Karen StevensonSet Views Calc fields menu item so it shows up under...
2012-04-24 Karen StevensonCode cleanup, remove commented-out code
2012-04-24 Karen StevensonRemove 'Hide empty column' option from Views Calc table...
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