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last changeTue, 9 Oct 2012 20:30:37 +0000
2012-10-09 Travis TidwellRemoving the delete tests for now. 7.x-4.x 7.x-4.0-beta1
2012-10-09 Travis TidwellFixed the permissions and also the tests for the webfor...
2012-10-09 Travis TidwellFixing the services test.
2012-10-09 Travis TidwellAdding some QUnit tests as well as fixed some endpoints.
2012-10-08 Travis TidwellFixed the webform_service module to use the webform_sub...
2012-10-08 Travis TidwellLatest changes to the submission endpoint.
2012-10-03 Travis TidwellAdding a delete endpoint test.
2012-10-03 Travis TidwellFixed the update webform endpoint.
2012-08-27 Travis TidwellRemoving the reference to the nid and let the submit...
2012-08-27 Travis TidwellFixed the test to use the id instead of the form_key
2012-08-27 Travis TidwellFixed the webform create service.
2012-08-27 Travis TidwellFixed the resource access check to return 404 if no...
2012-08-27 Travis TidwellAdding some more tests for the endpoints and also fixin...
2012-08-24 Travis TidwellAdding the services tests and also changed the endpoint...
2012-08-24 Travis TidwellFixed an error with duplicated method.
2012-08-24 Travis TidwellAdding the submissions endpoint to the webform resource...
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