#341267 by sun: Added support for extensions that do not need to be loaded.
[project/wysiwyg.git] / CHANGELOG.txt
4aff3185 1// $Id$
3Wysiwyg x.x-x.x, xxxx-xx-xx
754f90af 7Wysiwyg 5.x-x.x, xxxx-xx-xx
4aff3185 8---------------------------
16b68191 9#341267 by sun: Added support for extensions that do not need to be loaded.
12f6a3db 10
12Wysiwyg 5.x-0.5, 2008-12-01
56edd102 14#340758 by sun: Changed installation instructions to be displayed permanently.
cd4ba5d7 15#322657 by sun: Fixed "Enabled by default" option does not work when disabled.
a88d3e98 16#328052 by sun: Fixed switching input formats leads to wrong editor/state.
f965bf44 17#337569 by sun: Fixed different profiles for same editor are not respected.
91b8aacd 18#340195 by sun: Fixed #after_build function not invoked on all forms.
fda75cfd 19#333521 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE version detection to look at the actual script.
a812cf55 20#329657 by svendecabooter, sun: Added Whizzywig support.
21929648 21#333521 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE version detection docs.
94734cdb 22#327100 by sun: Changed access permission for settings page to 'administer
23 filters' to prevent incomplete updates.
85043327 24#322731 by sun: Fixed improper use of t() in module install file.
c089023a 25#329410 by sun: Fixed editor not loaded if there is only one input format.
fe6b5234 26#324366 by sun: Fixed "Illegal offset type" error on custom content-types.
b901169d 27#328948 by sun: Fixed PHP notices when editors are assigned, but not configured.
7706313d 28#327710 by sun: Fixed nicEdit version could not be detected.
e9b0c61c 29#328116 by sun: Added Safari plugin for TinyMCE 3.
ec73e5f8 30#327710 by sun: Added nicEdit support.
4a9aa465 31#323855 by sun: Increased supported version of jWYSIWYG to 0.5.
ec119378 32#323671 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE editor not resized when browser is resized.
8177bb12 33#327152 by sun: Fixed breadcrumbs for profile configuration pages.
2f200dff 34#323855 by Rob Loach, sun: Added jWYSIWYG support.
78a3b907 35#327100 by sun: Associate editors/profiles with input formats. Major milestone.
3f11d85d 36#325980 by markus_petrux: Added Spanish/Catalan translation for Break plugin.
17e36524 37#325657 by sun: Fixed editor not showing up on Blog node form.
5a8c6c4b 38#283823 by sun: Added dependency on jQuery Update (2.x).
634d8fa9 39#323795 by sun: Removed obsolete Wysiwyg Editor module files.
26c5593f 40#308912 by sun: Fixed alignment of editor buttons in TinyMCE 3.
5ae0849d 41#316507 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE 3 not detached properly from AJAX contents.
96438dc0 42#320559 by markus_petrux, sun: Added confirmation form to delete profiles.
7a162677 43
45Wysiwyg 5.x-0.4, 2008-10-14
a9e135ea 47#321216 by sun: Replaced Wysiwyg Editor module with Wysiwyg module.
7a162677 48#321086 by sun: Fixed (old-style) Teaser break plugin breaks TinyMCE 3.
604eca64 49#316507 by sun: Code clean-up; editor settings should be cloned for init, too.
f01f739b 50#282717 by sun: Fixed FCKeditor default settings while FCKeditor maintainers get
51 up and running.
44bcfa54 52#319363 by sun: Changed JS settings namespace 'wysiwygEditor' to 'wysiwyg'.
a8f655f9 53#319363 by sun: Code clean-up; fixed missing namespace change in tinymce-3.js.
c4e05c1f 54#273408 by quicksketch: Added blockquote button for TinyMCE 3.
2deef4b0 55#319363 by sun: Changed JavaScript namespaces and centralized namespace
56 initialization.
a1ebe124 57#270780 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE 3 support for external plugins.
e41429f2 58#309832 by sun: Fixed README.txt.
679a207e 59#253600 by sun: Changed editor integration so that client-side editors attach to
60 input formats instead of textareas and are invoked for input format enabled
61 textareas only.
bb141f22 62#282717 by sun: Added (basic) FCKeditor support.
06b05ba4 63#316507 by sun: Added Drupal.wysiwyg function stacks to execute editor library
64 specific actions upon initializing, attaching, detaching, and toggling an
65 editor. Editor specific JavaScript resides in separate files now, as specified
66 and returned by implementations of hook_editor().
67 Wysiwyg is a real API finally, supporting multiple editors and editor versions.
af502781 68#316507 by sun: Rewrote Wysiwyg API's internal architecture to support multiple
69 editors.
cfcb878c 70
72Wysiwyg 5.x-0.3, 2008-09-12
49e82f49 74#125267 by sun: Removed Safari browser warning configuration option.
ecf70199 75#304243 by sun: Fixed profile configuration improperly passed to JavaScript.
a8802088 76#304243 by sun: Code clean-up for wysiwyg_editor_profile_overview().
a5cbe140 77#304243 by sun: Code clean-up for wysiwyg_editor_user_status().
a4cf28f1 78#299108 by toniw: Added setting for TinyMCE's auto-cleanup paste feature.
ca5d96b9 79#293916 by sun: Clarified TinyMCE compatibility in README.txt.
0f7fc4c9 80#293425 by sun: Fixed foreach warning during upgrade from TinyMCE module.
81#292517 by sun: Fixed SQL error during upgrade from TinyMCE module.
71e58397 82#286470 by chayner, sun: Fixed wrong editorBasePath in editor configuration.
1f8dd76a 83#227687 by sun: Fixed improperly capitalized package name.
0420df87 84#280727 by sun: Removed gzip compressor from installation instructions.
3b250e00 85
87Wysiwyg 5.x-0.2, 2008-07-16
9c3e5c16 89by sun: Fixed JavaScript errors when JS aggregation/compression is enabled.
ba633f99 90#268562 by sun: Code clean-up; changed format for custom defined CSS classes
91 and removed error-prone auto-layout of buttons in favor of aligning them in
92 one row with a stylesheet; may break existing profiles.
754f90af 93#270730 by hass, sun: Added German translation for Teaser break plugin.
de5f62f8 94#268838 by sun: Fixed PHP warning if no buttons are enabled for a profile.
b9b2feb0 95#152046 by sun: Added hook_wysiwyg_plugin().
97912b64 96#268562 by sun: Code clean-up.
5eb8295a 97#60667 by sun: Fixed wrong editor profile is loaded when user is granted access
98 to more than one profile.
0c8b5e9d 99#264739 by sun: Fixed missing t() around some profile settings options.
e2280937 100
102Wysiwyg 5.x-0.1, 2008-06-07
73100c2c 104#264739 by sun: Improved output strings.
c31695bb 105#264739 by hass, sun: Fixed potx error due to wrong t() string.
d69ea428 106#264411 by sun: Cleaned coding-style using coder_format script.
3c6025b2 107#264411 by sun: Moved admin functions into separate include file.
7549cacd 108#264411 by sun: Added TinyMCE data import upon installation.
109#264411 by sun: Renamed module to Wysiwyg Editor.
a0b5b473 110#118747 by nedjo, sun: Upgraded code for jQuery.
111Initial fork of TinyMCE module (2008-05-30).
4aff3185 112