#270780 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE 3 support for external plugins.
[project/wysiwyg.git] / CHANGELOG.txt
b26a55e7 1// $Id$
3Wysiwyg x.x-x.x, xxxx-xx-xx
36986c6c 7Wysiwyg 6.x-x.x, xxxx-xx-xx
a5db5f4a 8---------------------------
6bf6d580 9#270780 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE 3 support for external plugins.
9e04acaf 10#309832 by sun: Fixed README.txt.
a5b6ca17 11#253600 by sun: Changed editor integration so that client-side editors attach to
12 input formats instead of textareas and are invoked for input format enabled
13 textareas only.
1a7c5997 14#282717 by sun: Added (basic) FCKeditor support.
166a12f1 15#316507 by sun: Added Drupal.wysiwyg function stacks to execute editor library
16 specific actions upon initializing, attaching, detaching, and toggling an
17 editor. Editor specific JavaScript resides in separate files now, as specified
18 and returned by implementations of hook_editor().
19 Wysiwyg is a real API finally, supporting multiple editors and editor versions.
c792e281 20#316507 by sun: Rewrote Wysiwyg API's internal architecture to support multiple
21 editors.
3a74e9b7 22
24Wysiwyg 6.x-0.3, 2008-09-12
df76f57c 26#125267 by sun: Removed Safari browser warning configuration option.
4248dc52 27#304243 by sun: Fixed profile configuration improperly passed to JavaScript.
ecdf7b86 28#304243 by sun: Code clean-up for wysiwyg_editor_profile_overview().
92089616 29#289218 by gustav: Fixed E^ALL notice if node has no body field.
e4d720b2 30#304243 by sun: Code clean-up for wysiwyg_editor_user_status().
11c19e9a 31#299108 by toniw: Added setting for TinyMCE's auto-cleanup paste feature.
d776dee6 32#293916 by sun: Clarified TinyMCE compatibility in README.txt.
a6e59377 33#293425 by sun: Fixed foreach warning during upgrade from TinyMCE module.
34#292517 by sun: Fixed SQL error during upgrade from TinyMCE module.
7fd356fc 35#286470 by chayner, sun: Fixed wrong editorBasePath in editor configuration.
3f2b2ad9 36#227687 by sun: Fixed improperly capitalized package name.
77e3126e 37#288028 by Matthew Davidson: Fixed outdated check for PHP input filter.
dfaf1762 38#280727 by sun: Removed gzip compressor from installation instructions.
4ad43795 39by sun: Fixed JavaScript errors when JS aggregation/compression is enabled.
60486af7 40#268562 by sun: Code clean-up; changed format for custom defined CSS classes
41 and removed error-prone auto-layout of buttons in favor of aligning them in
42 one row with a stylesheet; may break existing profiles.
36986c6c 43#270730 by hass, sun: Added German translation for Teaser break plugin.
b006306f 44#268838 by sun: Fixed PHP warning if no buttons are enabled for a profile.
68344d70 45#268838 by sun: Ported to Drupal 6.x.
a090395c 46#152046 by sun: Added hook_wysiwyg_plugin().
075f2dce 47#268562 by sun: Code clean-up.
b8a2b356 48#60667 by sun: Fixed wrong editor profile is loaded when user is granted access
49 to more than one profile.
fe1d01cc 50#264739 by sun: Fixed missing t() around some profile settings options.
36986c6c 51
53Wysiwyg 5.x-0.1, 2008-06-07
c2219286 55#264739 by sun: Improved output strings.
2135e817 56#264739 by hass, sun: Fixed potx error due to wrong t() string.
9e3e05cd 57#264411 by sun: Cleaned coding-style using coder_format script.
a2f0b052 58#264411 by sun: Moved admin functions into separate include file.
afe4a8ac 59#264411 by sun: Added TinyMCE data import upon installation.
60#264411 by sun: Renamed module to Wysiwyg Editor.
a5db5f4a 61#118747 by nedjo, sun: Upgraded code for jQuery.
62Initial fork of TinyMCE module (2008-05-30).
9e3e05cd 64