by sun: Total synchronization and changelog clean-up.
[project/wysiwyg.git] / CHANGELOG.txt
b26a55e7 1// $Id$
3Wysiwyg x.x-x.x, xxxx-xx-xx
150bc86b 7Wysiwyg 7.x-3.x, xxxx-xx-xx
d2f161a7 9#931374 by TwoD, ksenzee: Updated for text format schema change.
a9d79dc4 10#826914 by catch, sun: Added database cache for wysiwyg_profile_load().
c366d198 11#941230 by sun: Fixed missing Configuration link on Modules page.
fe2b726f 12#739558 by sun, TwoD: Updated for new #type text_format.
6935a55c 13#612954 by TwoD: Fixed broken editor settings.
150bc86b 14#585932 by sun: Ported to Drupal 7.
59fde9c9 17Wysiwyg 6.x-3.x, xxxx-xx-xx
913f11a9 18---------------------------
c3c1dc3a 19#80170 by sun: Changed dialog/plugin API for Inline API compatibility.
22Wysiwyg 6.x-2.x, xxxx-xx-xx
ecaa50ac 24#803466 by hotspoons: Fixed TinyMCE image map support in advimage plugin.
f1b02ead 25#922436 by TwoD: Fixed Whizzywig Uncaught TypeError in Chrome.
aaa7916c 26#922520 by TwoD: Fixed Whizzywig is not detached properly.
33054619 27#907186 by TwoD: Fixed Whizzywig v60+ compatibility.
67784ec8 28#765292 by TwoD: Added TinyMCE WordCount plugin.
06538a1d 29#768726 by TwoD: Added TinyMCE AutoResize plugin.
64faa48e 30#781086 by TwoD: Fixed TinyMCE plugin options merged wrongly.
0a1abb50 31#767628 by TwoD: Fixed 'The version of markItUp could not be detected' error.
7a914e7d 32#651490 by TwoD: Fixed Whizzywig width.
a83f97d8 33#715228 by TwoD: Fixed TinyMCE image popups not launching for existing images.
1ab7e84a 34#606952 by TwoD: Fixed inserting content in fullscreen TinyMCE.
35#593008 by TwoD: Fixed third-party scripts breaking Wysiwyg.
36#695398 by RichieB, Cl1mh4224rd, mcpuddin: Fixed TinyMCE detection.
85895c8a 37#737318 by dboune: Fixed CKEditor default skin depends on filesystem order.
a9981652 38#775608 by TwoD: Fixed FCKEditor crashes IE on save.
0296db42 39#824710 by TwoD: CKEditor not disabled upon enabling.
40#752516 by nquocbao, sun: Fixed openwysiwyg version callback.
767c92a5 41#753536 by TwoD: Fixed version detection for Whizzywig.
eb20f245 42#752516 by nquocbao, sun: Fixed file stream warnings in version callbacks.
c3c1dc3a 43
45Wysiwyg 6.x-2.1, 2010-03-08
d1a1511b 47#628110 by quicksketch, sun, markus_petrux: Added editor settings alter hook.
ce38b6c0 48#689218 by wwalc, TwoD, sun: Improved support for CKEditor.
ef86e943 49#695398 by TwoD: Updated support for TinyMCE 3.3.
c3c1dc3a 50#613096 by Scott Reynolds: Fixed no editor appearing for user signature field.
be2bca9e 51#696040 by Dave Reid: Fixed missing Cancel link on profile form.
ed805305 52#594322 by TwoD: Added insert method for NicEdit.
fa7fa241 53#659200 by TwoD: Fixed YUI Editor content lost in IE.
6c2ff475 54#594928 by ericbellot, TwoD, sun: Fixed 'attribs' button missing in TinyMCE.
bae1780d 55#557090 by TwoD: Fixed Whizzywig 56 instance not removed on detach().
58c0a3d3 56#667848 by TwoD, kaakuu: Fixed FCKeditor is not properly detached in IE.
907a53b6 57#695768 by sun: Fixed #resizable removed when no editor profiles are loaded.
d316e6f0 58#631494 by TwoD: Fixed multi-site libraries directory failure for WYMeditor.
f2ce4b97 59#660080 by TwoD: Fixed Notice: Undefined offset.
a3783435 60#613922 by TwoD, sun: Fixed PHP warning when saving profiles.
61#582298 by dereine: Added auto-paste from Word detection for FCKeditor.
62#597852 by sun: Fixed missing Turkish in language list.
63#620176 by sun: Fixed missing Ukrainian in language list.
64#613480 by TwoD, Dave Reid: Fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility.
bb6ddbec 65#462146 by TwoD: Cleaned up CKEditor implementation.
dd49cbc2 66#380586 by SimonEast: Updated YUI editor: Version detection not working.
4c747c69 67#610132 by TwoD: Updated CKEditor 3.0.1, stylesheets and version check.
e46df353 68#620858 by quicksketch: Fixed focus event not firing for CKeditor.
c3c1dc3a 69#585932 by sun: Synced various clean-ups from 7.x.
ffbeef13 70#489156 by sun: Removed orphan global 'showToggle' JS setting.
ce6f146b 71#462146 by sun, Niels Hackius: Fixed version detection for CKeditor.
fe811b01 72#545210 by sun: Fixed default value for editor toggle link.
6692938d 73#372826 by Roi Danton, sun: Added Wysiwyg API developer documentation.
ef25c211 74by sun: Fixed PHP notice.
42a0fa60 75#514912 by Likeless, sun: Added plugin/button handling for WYMeditor.
6a4d36c3 76#538996 by darktygur: Fixed 404 errors for non-existing theme CSS files.
f9031dce 77#509570 by Rob Loach, sun: Added forced detaching of editor upon form submit.
78e31859 78#526644 by Darren Oh: Fixed broken editor theme validation.
45169b82 79#490914 by sun: Fixed JS/CSS not updated after update with caching enabled.
fddd288d 80#522440 by authentictech, sun: UX: Fixed user interface for Wysiwyg profiles.
a2e53c44 81#507608 by jfh: Added WYMeditor instance API methods.
83655c07 82by sun: Fixed form_build_id not removed from serialized profile settings.
7b872b90 83#496744 by TwoD: Fixed FCKeditor: "Apply source formatting" not working.
c3c1dc3a 84#462146 by TwoD, et al: Added support for CKeditor.
9affc808 85#490270 by sun: Fixed openWYSIWYG displays no buttons by default.
3e8f97a5 86#490266 by sun: Fixed JS error when wysiwyg profile contains no buttons.
7016cff9 87#400482 by sun: Fixed editor.instance.prepareContent() breaks editor's native
88 markup handling. Drupal plugin authors should add the CSS class
89 'drupal-content' to prevent the editor selection to activate internal editor
90 buttons.
91#394068 by kswan: Fixed missing button icons in markItUp.
913f11a9 92
94Wysiwyg 6.x-2.0, 2009-06-10
a5db5f4a 95---------------------------
2b20ccf4 96#474908 by TwoD: Fixed Teaser break causing error in IE8.
54a65ca8 97by sun: Major code clean-up.
21c81d60 98#331089 by wwalc: Fixed FCKeditor toolbar buttons do not wrap.
7028dc6f 99#407014 by sun: Fixed/removed migration from other editor integration modules.
0044993f 100#485264 by sun: Changed installation instructions to be more concise.
5b723388 101#479514 by sun: Fixed native plugin loading for TinyMCE (follow-up).
117ad234 102#434590 by sun: Fixed path admin/settings/wysiwyg not found.
c574d4c1 103#479514 by TwoD, sun: Added native plugin support for FCKeditor.
cb155c9f 104#341054 by sun: Fixed toggle link configuration setting not working.
0d185cfe 105by sun: Fixed markItUp button icons are not displayed.
db489b58 106by sun: Added openWYSIWYG editor support.
f77cbaa6 107#362137 by jfh, sun: Fixed WYMeditor broken when JS/CSS aggregation is enabled.
f3c9b689 108#328252 by sun: Added TinyMCE plugin BBCode for 3.x.
6fa4d163 109#429926 by TwoD, sun: Fixed TinyMCE broken due to renamed Flash/Media plugin.
c4497098 110#342864 by davexoxide, sun: Added YUI editor support.
f3b7977a 111#332139 by sun: Fixed editor must not be changed when profile is configured.
92526a50 112#362137 by jfh: Added WYMeditor support.
cb2cee02 113#470928 by jfh, sun: Fixed Drupal.wysiwyg.clone turns arrays into objects.
4c6d8346 114#445826 by TwoD: Fixed FCKeditor: Drupal.wysiwyg.activeId not updated.
8ccdb7f3 115#478324 by jeffschuler: Fixed typo in profile configuration form.
e879035c 116#373542 by sun: Fixed encoding of HTML entities for certain languages.
c18af709 117#320562 by sun: Changed location for external editor libraries.
a0313372 118#449134 by sun: Fixed stylesheets of theme missing in node form previews.
6088f2f8 119
121Wysiwyg 6.x-2.0-ALPHA1, 2009-05-17
814b1175 123#403728 by jfduchesneau: Fixed none.js breaks if textarea.js is not loaded.
c0ca00ca 124#454992 by sun: Fixed drupal_get_js() query string 'q' breaks plugin loading.
101d4805 125#419696 by sun: Fixed native plugins plugins are not loaded for all profiles.
c06554eb 126#414768 by sun: Fixed Wysiwyg API not working in Konqueror.
715d4b42 127#293803 by sun: Fixed "Show summary in full view" checkbox not displayed.
d76237c4 128#416742 by sun: Fixed type casting of $profile in profile configuration form.
0b130cc6 129#404532 by TwoD: Fixed Teaser break comment stripped in IE.
85b3052b 130#380698 by TwoD: Added Drupal plugin support for FCKeditor.
f8ecb79f 131#380698 by TwoD, sun: Added Drupal plugin support for FCKeditor (part I).
a75d0927 132#398848 by sun: Added support for TinyMCE 3.1.
e3744974 133#394068 by StephaneC: markItUp: Fixed icons not displayed due to #385736.
dd25af4a 134#385974 by sun: Fixed form element description for CSS path (for Define CSS).
86ef143a 135#390460 by sun: Fixed broken plugin loading due to #359626.
a6b0dc8f 136#385736 by sun: Fixed markItUp: Wrong editor library location.
1379fca3 137#308912 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE: Buttons do not wrap in IE/Chrome.
25bd7912 138#380586 by sun, hass: YUI editor: Fixed version detection.
f6e38e8d 139#390224 by hass: Fixed JS error YAHOO.widget.Editor is not a constructor.
55557fd1 140#359626 by sun: Fixed external/Drupal plugins are not loaded for all profiles.
a568f092 141#369115 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE's URL conversion magic breaks some input filters.
98ff34ae 142#376400 by TwoD: Fixed bad grammar in help text on profile overview page.
60d523dd 143#367632 by sun: Fixed $this and i JavaScript variables defined in global scope.
b44cf7d2 144#319363 by sun: Fixed missing spacer.gif for Teaser break plugin.
69fe88fa 145#373672 by chawl: Added (native) xhtmlextras plugin for TinyMCE 3.
a4accbc4 146#287025 by sun: Fixed native editor plugin options for TinyMCE and FCKeditor.
6346afa3 147#373542 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE: entity_encoding 'raw' removes HTML entities.
b913a764 148#372806 by sun: Fixed block format configuration form element description.
cea254f9 149#370277 by sun: Fixed "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token" in IE/Chrome.
1e973465 150#367632 by sun: Fixed "Unexpected identifier, string or number" error in IE.
7b623a49 151#367632 by sun: Fixed invalid JavaScript syntax.
328444ec 152#319363 by sun: Follow-up: Synced 1.x with 2.x where possible.
6e91d64e 153#319363 by sun, quicksketch: Rewrote editor plugin API. The new plugin API
154 allows Drupal modules to expose editor plugins for ANY editor without
155 implementing editor-specific code. Major milestone for better content-editing
156 in Drupal.
5708da35 157#364782 by sun: Fixed theme stylesheets not properly loaded.
cf180dce 158#352938 by sun: Fixed JS error (blank page) in IE when plugins are loaded.
613a83ec 159#331089 by wwalc, sun: Added custom toolbar configuration support for FCKeditor.
143cb538 160#331089 by sun: Fixed PHP notice for 'user_choose'; FCKeditor clean-up.
dd22018d 161#344230 by wwalc: Fixed wrong editor base path setting for FCKeditor.
17473a9a 162#361289 by sun: Fixed CSS files do not need to use media 'screen'.
37c7b8eb 163#360696 by sun: Fixed IE does not trigger onChange event when selecting an input
164 format.
46b43486 165#342376 by sun: Extended API to allow "preprocess" JavaScript option for some
166 editors.
00f77ee0 167#352295 by sun: Added markItUp editor support.
713eaa03 168#352703 by sun: Fixed wrong default configuration options for TinyMCE 3.2.1+.
c3bbf69b 169#348317 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE's extended_valid_elements for advlink/advimage
170 plugin.
02732f80 171#348986 by sun: Added CSS class for toggle link container.
a3d9c868 172#342864 by davexoxide, sun: Added YUI editor support.
bc2bdc67 173#343217 by sun: Fixed improperly capitalized library script name for nicEdit.
f012ff6d 174#341267 by sun: Fixed improper test for internal editor plugins.
7214cd0a 175#341996 by sun: Fixed editor cannot be re-enabled with one input format only.
c2eb2080 176#341267 by sun: Added support for extensions that do not need to be loaded.
b4a82fca 177
179Wysiwyg 6.x-0.5, 2008-12-01
c0c42d78 181#340758 by sun: Changed installation instructions to be displayed permanently.
c3dc7f9a 182#322657 by sun: Fixed "Enabled by default" option does not work when disabled.
a74955bf 183#328052 by sun: Fixed switching input formats leads to wrong editor/state.
e16a9972 184#337569 by sun: Fixed different profiles for same editor are not respected.
33fd8bc9 185#340195 by sun: Fixed #after_build function not invoked on all forms.
c0a227fc 186#333521 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE version detection to look at the actual script.
f2446499 187#329657 by svendecabooter, sun: Added Whizzywig support.
216b2cfb 188#333521 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE version detection docs.
af8246de 189#327100 by sun: Changed access permission for settings page to 'administer
190 filters' to prevent incomplete updates.
0ebf6d16 191#322731 by sun: Fixed improper use of t() in module install file.
1aabb694 192#329410 by sun: Fixed editor not loaded if there is only one input format.
cd22694e 193#324366 by sun: Fixed "Illegal offset type" error on custom content-types.
9e8e526a 194#328948 by sun: Fixed PHP notices when editors are assigned, but not configured.
db932f81 195#327710 by sun: Fixed nicEdit version could not be detected.
329c0500 196#328116 by sun: Added Safari plugin for TinyMCE 3.
4c552b90 197#327710 by sun: Added nicEdit support.
f8f7637b 198#323855 by sun: Increased supported version of jWYSIWYG to 0.5.
7b70802f 199#323671 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE editor not resized when browser is resized.
73508da6 200#327152 by sun: Fixed breadcrumbs for profile configuration pages.
cac2b421 201#323855 by Rob Loach, sun: Added jWYSIWYG support.
81a2754f 202#327100 by sun: Associate editors/profiles with input formats. Major milestone.
261457be 203#325980 by markus_petrux: Added Spanish/Catalan translation for Break plugin.
6b6e4e45 204#323795 by sun: Removed obsolete Wysiwyg Editor module files.
a09d7c1c 205#308912 by sun: Fixed alignment of editor buttons in TinyMCE 3.
db918ad8 206#316507 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE 3 not detached properly from AJAX contents.
c06ba055 207#320559 by markus_petrux, sun: Added confirmation form to delete profiles.
94b665fa 208
210Wysiwyg 6.x-0.4, 2008-10-14
eb714832 212#321216 by sun: Replaced Wysiwyg Editor module with Wysiwyg module.
94b665fa 213#321086 by sun: Fixed (old-style) Teaser break plugin breaks TinyMCE 3.
325352d7 214#316507 by sun: Code clean-up; editor settings should be cloned for init, too.
92da632d 215#282717 by sun: Fixed FCKeditor default settings while FCKeditor maintainers get
216 up and running.
f178028c 217#319363 by sun: Changed JS settings namespace 'wysiwygEditor' to 'wysiwyg'.
9eb0a9ec 218#319363 by sun: Code clean-up; fixed missing namespace change in tinymce-3.js.
da006eca 219#273408 by quicksketch: Added blockquote button for TinyMCE 3.
fb9108a1 220#319363 by sun: Changed JavaScript namespaces and centralized namespace
221 initialization.
6bf6d580 222#270780 by sun: Fixed TinyMCE 3 support for external plugins.
9e04acaf 223#309832 by sun: Fixed README.txt.
a5b6ca17 224#253600 by sun: Changed editor integration so that client-side editors attach to
225 input formats instead of textareas and are invoked for input format enabled
226 textareas only.
1a7c5997 227#282717 by sun: Added (basic) FCKeditor support.
166a12f1 228#316507 by sun: Added Drupal.wysiwyg function stacks to execute editor library
229 specific actions upon initializing, attaching, detaching, and toggling an
230 editor. Editor specific JavaScript resides in separate files now, as specified
231 and returned by implementations of hook_editor().
232 Wysiwyg is a real API finally, supporting multiple editors and editor versions.
c792e281 233#316507 by sun: Rewrote Wysiwyg API's internal architecture to support multiple
234 editors.
3a74e9b7 235
237Wysiwyg 6.x-0.3, 2008-09-12
df76f57c 239#125267 by sun: Removed Safari browser warning configuration option.
4248dc52 240#304243 by sun: Fixed profile configuration improperly passed to JavaScript.
ecdf7b86 241#304243 by sun: Code clean-up for wysiwyg_editor_profile_overview().
92089616 242#289218 by gustav: Fixed E^ALL notice if node has no body field.
e4d720b2 243#304243 by sun: Code clean-up for wysiwyg_editor_user_status().
11c19e9a 244#299108 by toniw: Added setting for TinyMCE's auto-cleanup paste feature.
d776dee6 245#293916 by sun: Clarified TinyMCE compatibility in README.txt.
a6e59377 246#293425 by sun: Fixed foreach warning during upgrade from TinyMCE module.
247#292517 by sun: Fixed SQL error during upgrade from TinyMCE module.
7fd356fc 248#286470 by chayner, sun: Fixed wrong editorBasePath in editor configuration.
3f2b2ad9 249#227687 by sun: Fixed improperly capitalized package name.
77e3126e 250#288028 by Matthew Davidson: Fixed outdated check for PHP input filter.
dfaf1762 251#280727 by sun: Removed gzip compressor from installation instructions.
c3c1dc3a 252
254Wysiwyg 5.x-0.2, 2008-07-16
4ad43795 256by sun: Fixed JavaScript errors when JS aggregation/compression is enabled.
60486af7 257#268562 by sun: Code clean-up; changed format for custom defined CSS classes
258 and removed error-prone auto-layout of buttons in favor of aligning them in
259 one row with a stylesheet; may break existing profiles.
36986c6c 260#270730 by hass, sun: Added German translation for Teaser break plugin.
b006306f 261#268838 by sun: Fixed PHP warning if no buttons are enabled for a profile.
68344d70 262#268838 by sun: Ported to Drupal 6.x.
a090395c 263#152046 by sun: Added hook_wysiwyg_plugin().
075f2dce 264#268562 by sun: Code clean-up.
b8a2b356 265#60667 by sun: Fixed wrong editor profile is loaded when user is granted access
266 to more than one profile.
fe1d01cc 267#264739 by sun: Fixed missing t() around some profile settings options.
36986c6c 268
270Wysiwyg 5.x-0.1, 2008-06-07
c2219286 272#264739 by sun: Improved output strings.
2135e817 273#264739 by hass, sun: Fixed potx error due to wrong t() string.
9e3e05cd 274#264411 by sun: Cleaned coding-style using coder_format script.
a2f0b052 275#264411 by sun: Moved admin functions into separate include file.
afe4a8ac 276#264411 by sun: Added TinyMCE data import upon installation.
277#264411 by sun: Renamed module to Wysiwyg Editor.
a5db5f4a 278#118747 by nedjo, sun: Upgraded code for jQuery.
279Initial fork of TinyMCE module (2008-05-30).
9e3e05cd 281