#524126 by sun: Re-added #wysiwyg property to enforce no editor via code.
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2011-01-04 Magnus Gunnarsson#439722 by Magnus: Imported translations to localizatio...
2010-01-23 sun#557100 by Juhani: Added Finnish translation.
2009-09-18 podarokUkrainian translation - thanks to skinik
2009-06-17 hassOne corrections for the German translation
2009-06-17 hass* Updated German translation
2009-06-12 Balint Csuthyby Zoltan Balogh: Updated Hungarian translation
2009-05-24 Balint Csuthyby Domokos Endre Janos: Updated Hungarian translation
2009-04-20 Magnus Gunnarsson#439722 by seals: Updated Swedish translation.
2009-04-20 Magnus Gunnarsson#439722 by seals: Added Swedish translation.
2009-04-01 Sylvain Moreau#378322 : reviewed french translation
2009-03-02 hassUpdated German translation
2009-03-02 hass* Updated POT
2009-02-20 Stéphane BordageNew french translation
2008-05-30 hassA few German fixes
2008-05-30 hass* Updated POT file
2008-05-30 sun#264411 by sun: Renamed module to Wysiwyg Editor.
2008-05-29 sunInitial fork of TinyMCE module (2008-05-30).