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2011-06-02 Eugen Mayersome phpdoc comments
2011-06-02 Eugen Mayerfixing wrong delete query 6.x-3.0-rc2
2011-06-02 Eugen Mayerfixing wrong ref,
2011-05-20 Eugen Mayerint should be a string 6--2-10-rc1 6.x-2.10-rc1 6.x-2.x 6.x-3.0-rc1 DRUPAL-6--2-10-rc1
2011-05-20 Eugen Mayercss styling
2011-05-20 Eugen Mayercolorbox submodule added
2011-05-20 Eugen Mayerfixing info file for caption
2011-05-20 Eugen MayerAdded new option
2011-05-20 Eugen Mayercaption module added
2011-05-20 Eugen Mayeradding module for the alt module
2011-05-20 Eugen Mayerfixed ckeditor removing of button
2011-05-20 Eugen Mayerfixing not std sql
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