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last changeSun, 1 Dec 2013 11:03:21 +0000
2013-12-01 Andreas Henningsrename StreamWrapperClassLoaderTest to just ClassLoaderTest 7.x-3.x
2013-12-01 Andreas Henningsprevent duplicate directory separator in logical base...
2013-12-01 Andreas HenningsStart PSR-4 support via a plugin.
2013-12-01 Andreas HenningsChange FinderPlugin signature: Allow to register a...
2013-12-01 Andreas Hennings$logical_base_path and $relative_path are so much bette...
2013-12-01 Andreas HenningsRemove inactive phpunit annotations.
2013-12-01 Andreas HenningsIntroduce PublicAssertInterface
2013-12-01 Andreas Henningsdocblock
2013-12-01 Andreas HenningsMinor fix in ProxyObject: call_user_func_array() replac...
2013-12-01 Andreas Henningsmore docblock fixes in Proxy objects
2013-12-01 Andreas HenningsDocblock and consistency
2013-12-01 Andreas Henningsintroduce xautoload_MissingDirPlugin_Interface
2013-12-01 Andreas HenningsMore docblock fixes.
2013-12-01 Andreas HenningsRemove xautoload_FinderPlugin_SkipModuleExists, which...
2013-12-01 Andreas HenningsPHPUnit tests for class finding and class loading,...
2013-12-01 Andreas HenningsSubscribe tests folder for PSR-0 autoloading in tests...
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