#110897: oversize content causes IE6 layout breakage (now fixed in Zen Classic)
[project/zen.git] / block.tpl.php
2007-11-28 JohnAlbinRemoved excessive clear-block classes.
2007-11-08 JohnAlbinMade tpl.php files more consistent
2007-10-16 JohnAlbinStandardized spacing/links handling/variable handling...
2007-10-14 JohnAlbin#183360: Empty H2 appears on blocks with no titles
2007-10-14 JohnAlbinFixed spacing in .tpl.php files.
2006-11-09 Jeff Robbinsremoving blank line
2006-10-13 Ted Serbinskifix block.tpl.php to be consistent with changes in...
2006-10-11 Jeff RobbinsInitial commit of the Zen theme (based on Zirafa's...