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2013-03-29 Andy Postnikovreturn HTML from etherpad 7.x-1.x
2013-03-29 Andy PostnikovSet content as HTML
2013-03-29 Andy Postnikovcall only once
2013-03-29 Andy PostnikovAdded uninstall
2013-03-25 Andy PostnikovAdd configure link to modules page
2013-03-22 Andy Postnikovminor cleanup
2013-03-22 Andy Postnikovget rid of localedit names. introduce field access...
2013-03-22 Andy Postnikovfix code indent
2013-03-22 Andy Postnikovpass arguments to edit form
2013-03-19 Andy PostnikovRefactored admin settings
2013-03-19 Andy PostnikovFixed class inistatination. Get rid of hook_init()
2013-03-19 Andy PostnikovCleanup.
2013-03-14 Andy PostnikovCode cluan-up and refactoring
2013-03-14 Andy PostnikovFix install and change table.
2013-03-14 Andy PostnikovMerge remote-tracking branch 'etherpad/7.x-2.x' into...
2013-03-14 Andy Postnikovrename info to clone original project
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