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last changeFri, 28 Sep 2012 13:29:35 +0000
2012-09-28 fagoFixed comment of the DatabaseStorageController::$entity... entity-property
2012-09-28 fagoRename ConfigStorageController::getPropertyDefinitions...
2012-09-28 fagoRenamed some $properties variables to $fields.
2012-09-28 fagoMerge branch '8.x' into entity-property
2012-09-28 fagoMerge branch 'entity-property-fago' into entity-property
2012-09-28 fagoUse a 'field' suffix instead of a 'item' suffix for... entity-property-fago
2012-09-28 fagoRemoved the unnecessary 'list' key from entity field...
2012-09-28 fagoRenamed the new entity property API to Entity Field...
2012-09-28 catchIssue #1797206 by Rob Loach: Fixed Actions module has... entity-property-base
2012-09-28 fagoMerge branch 'entity-property-fago' into entity-property
2012-09-28 fagoImproved the typed data language and entity wrapper...
2012-09-28 fagoRemoved the unnecessarily overridden Date::getValue...
2012-09-28 fagoClarified more comments on requiring file resources...
2012-09-28 fagoRenamed the decimal primitive type to float.
2012-09-27 Jennifer HodgdonIssue #1794012 by Lars Toomre: Remove use of t function...
2012-09-27 Jennifer HodgdonIssue #1326634 by xjm, NROTC_Webmaster, dellintosh...
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