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2014-03-09 Alexander SchedrovFixed import of hierarchy. 7.x-1.x
2014-03-08 Alexander SchedrovCode refactoring. Added test.
2013-11-16 Alexander SchedrovRemoved redundant code.
2013-10-17 Alexander SchedrovFixed validation.
2013-09-25 Alexander SchedrovFixed coder warnings.
2013-09-24 Alexander SchedrovAdded readme.
2013-08-04 Alexander SchedrovFixed files directory
2013-08-04 Alexander SchedrovFix count, user name
2013-08-04 Alexander SchedrovRemoved use of the function dmp()
2013-08-04 Alexander SchedrovInfo file, configure link
2013-05-22 Alexander SchedrovCorrect import
2013-05-20 Alexander SchedrovInitial commit.
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